First Digital Portrait Commission

Cox_SmallSquareI think every couple should have a fairytale portrait like this – don’t you?! After posting my digital portraits last week I received this commission – it was SOOOOOOOO much fun! Seriously – I am in LOVE with this kind of drawing – (did I mention that before?) ;)

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Impasto Painting Fun

Impasto Sunflower_SmallImpasto is the technique of applying paint very thickly to your painting, I find with acrylics you need to use a moulding paste for this to work well. With these two small pieces I randomly applied the moulding paste first with a palette knife, once the paste was dry I gessoed over the paste, let that dry and then began to paint. I had no plans for either canvas, the challenge was to just find my image in the thick palette strokes of paste. It was an interesting experiment and kinda fun to watch what evolved out of those shapes.IMG_0045IMG_0047IMG_0057IMG_0058IMG_0074IMG_0070IMG_0073ImpastoTrees_SmallIMG_0078
Both of the pieces are available for sale in my Etsy shop!

Okay… So maybe digital drawing is my NEW favorite thing!!!

Oh dear… I might be somewhat addicted now….
A&K_SmallJ&K_CollageAfter my first attempts the other day I couldn’t resist doing more…Cori_CollageCori_SmallJ&H_SmallJ&H_CollageA huge thanks to all my friends pictured here for letting me indulge and use their beautiful faces!!! xo

For these interested I am now offering these kinds of portraits in my ETSY SHOP – JUST CLICK HERE!!!!

In the Garden – Acrylic on Canvas


‘In the Garden’ – acrylic on canvas – 16″ x 20″

This painting was an exploration of light. Focusing on dark shadows in the foreground with morning light dancing through. I aimed for a more abstract feeling with looser brush strokes to amplify the light play and it’s a bit of a different colour palette for me as well -(both of which are hard for me to allow myself to do – ha ha!). I titled it ‘In the Garden’ because I felt like this would be a magical place to sit and stroll. :)

The funny thing about this piece is that I actually kinda like how it looks every step of the way – it could have almost been three separate paintings.

IMG_0032It’s a bit of a different colour palette for me – not many primary colours here. IMG_0036IMG_0041_Small

A Special Graduation Gift


Black Jack – acrylic on canvas – 2′ x 2′

I’ve never painted a horse before… I’ve illustrated horses before but never painted any.
I had no idea how this one would turn out… Eep!

This was gift for a special high school graduate – a portrait of the greatest love in her life, her horse, Black Jack. Her Mom was awesome – she provided me with a ton of photos and careful descriptions of the horse and his physical details. I’d also had the privilege of photographing this horse and rider myself in the past so I had a lot of resources.

The challenge was painting a recognizable portrait of a horse in my style while still featuring the graduate’s favourite colours, red & black. Phew… Thankfully the horse is mostly black (that helped – apparently he lightens up in the summertime with copper highlights but in the winter he’s almost solid black). Then red in the background – I added other highlight colours to keep it from looking gothic and tried hard to fill it with movement.

This was an interesting endeavour. In the end she loved it, her Mom loved it and I’m so GLAD!


For some reason I took the first progress photo with this one and then forgot to do anymore – HA! Sorry…IMG_9988IMG_0013IMG_9993_Small

Finally! New Painting!

Hey friends!!! I can finally share this commission with you! I’ve been waiting awhile… I told ya I’ve been painting… ;) Yet another beautiful Canadian scene – always speaks to my heart!
BlogThis is the study sketch I did first. It was inspired from a photograph my client sent me. And the I photographed the rest of my progress – I hope you enjoy! Blog_0001





‘Top of the World’ – acrylic on canvas – 2′ x 3′


Digital Art Portraits

I have an uncanny ability to talk myself out of things.

“That idea is a waste of time because no one is going to be interested in that…”


“You should be making things you know are going sell…”


“That’s a dumb idea, people are going to roll their eyes at you for creating silly things like that.”


“You should be creating art with deep significant meaning that changes the world!”

In the end, I apply all kinds of unnecessary pressure and I force myself into creating things I’m not very inspired to do…RachelCollage

So the new goal is that when I’m not doing commissions (they always come first) I’ve gotta let go of what I think I need to do and just try to follow my instincts. Hence, today’s post!

I’ve been dying to work on my digital drawing/painting skills and also my portrait/people skills. I creeped my friends’ profile pictures on Facebook, asked their permission and then spent most of my day yesterday just learning and practicing. MaKenzie_Small

I actually had SO much fun making these that I thought I’d offer to do portraits through my Etsy shop – who knows – maybe someone will like a portrait of themselves… <shrug & grin>MaKenzieCollage

A Little Colouring Fun!

My daugher Hannah had a little bit of a horsey accident this past week so she is currently bed ridden with a very sore leg. In order to keep her occupied I’ve been giving her my individual colouring pages to colour as examples/inspiration for my Whimsical Etsy shop. It’s keeping her busy.

She thought it would be fun to contrast her choice of colours vs mine – so here is a fun little comparison for you.


This is my original drawing. I later made into an individual colouring page.


This is Hannah’s version of my page. She’s a talented little artist – if you ever have a chance check out her drawings on –>  Instagram – @icandrawiswear.

Pssst…I promise I’m headed back to my easel soon – the weather has been enticingly lovely, it’s hard to stay indoors. ;)

Landscape Colouring Page FUN!

Couldn’t resist sharing some of my current colouring pages with you guys – both of these pages were inspired by paintings I have done in the past few months.

If you like colouring, check out more of my colouring page designs at this link to my Whimsical Publishing Etsy shop!DutchHarbour.jpg LakeScene.jpg