Lake View – Acrylic on Canvas – New Painting


‘Lake View’ – acrylic on canvas – 12 x 16

Over the next few months I’m working on creating a series of paintings inspired by local landscapes scenes and details. I love where I live and I’m truly excited about focusing in on the Creston Valley area. After I’ve completed this collection it will actually be on sale and displayed at a sweet little cafe here in town here called ‘Break in Time‘.  I’m super honoured that Break in Time asked me to display my work there and I promise I’ll take pictures when everything is up!

This piece here is inspired from a photo I took on a trip down to Kootenay Lake last summer. I saw these trees and couldn’t resist making my husband pull over. (I do that to him a lot… :D)

IMG_0855_SmallIMG_1943_SmallI am finding lately that study sketches help a great deal – particulalry because they get me more interested in and excited about painting. IMG_1968_SmallIMG_1994_SmallIMG_1996_SmallI kinda forgot part way through painting this one to take more progress pics… oops! So here’s a big jump to the finish line!
IMG_2000_SmallIMG_2003_SmallI find it interesting with this one that I didn’t focus right in on my rainbow bright but instead took a more green, yellow and blue subdued road. (Well, subdued for me that is.) ;)

Look forward to sharing more of this series with you as it develops. Happy weekend!!!

Up the Iron Range, New Landscape Painting

This painting was inspired by a little trip my family and I took up into the mountains. It’s a place in these here parts called the Iron Range. It was fall and we were collecting dead fallen trees for firewood to keep us warm this winter. Sounds so rustic – eh? ;) It was stunning up there and I feel like neither my photos nor my painting can quite do it justice.


‘Up the Iron Range’ – 18″ x 24″ – acrylic on canvas

This was my preliminary study sketch drawn from the photograph I took below. IronRangeSketch_SmallIMG_6481The completed painting looks a lot different from the original photo – obviously I took artistic license and embellished a little. ;)IMG_1918_Small IMG_1922_Small This was fun process – I think I’m finally reaching a place where I can start to meld my desire to be more painterly with my natural instinct to paint flowing smooth lines.IMG_1928_Small IMG_1937_Small

I guess this is likely my last painting of 2015 (unless I can squeak something in before New Year Day ;) ). Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Pssst… this painting is available in my ETSY shop. :)


I started learning digital drawing on my tablet just this year and then offered portraits done this way through my Etsy shop. I got quite a few portrait commissions over Christmas but I’m only sharing a couple with you because the others are large group portraits filled with people that won’t interest you (or me) very much – ha ha! ;)

The thing I am looking forward to most with digital drawing in 2016 is setting aside time to work on illustrating another children’s book in this medium.  icm_fullxfull.73487849_d3hayp0s7l4ooo0w0sg8Small icm_fullxfull.73735087_i14u218qsn40ww0kkwcs KathleenDogPortrait_Small

2015 – The Year of Horses!

Last year was the year of birdie painting commissions and this year is the year of horse painting commissions. I had THREE horse portrait commissions this Christmas and all of them were requested in different styles.

I know that some artists hate commission work but I am a freak… Initially I panic and then the thrill kicks in because I LOVE challenges! My husband always says that I make things hard on myself and push too much… I. MUST. GO. BEYOND. Ha ha!  (Maybe it’s like an adrenaline junkie thing – minus the bungie cord.) ;)

I hope you enjoy these paintings though they are very different from my usuals… Don’t despair though I have a heap of landscapes up my sleeve for this coming year – I’ve been asked to put some into a beautiful little cafe in town. And possibly I’ll be working towards my own showing in the fall of 2016 – these are both great incentive to work -work WORK!IMG_5861IMG_1600IMG_2132IMG_0876_SmallIMG_6567


Daisy Painting – Christmas Secrets Begin to be Revealed!


‘Submerged Daisies’ – acrylic on board – 12″ x 16″

Christmas is such a secretive time and I have such a hard time waiting to share… I’ll be so excited when I can show you everything I’ve been working on for the past month and a half!!! (Not that I want Christmas to go too fast or be over too quick – I love this holiday season!)  BUT today I can finally share a little something with you! It is a painting I created as a Christmas gift for a dear friend. She opened it yesterday, loved it and now I can share it with you! YAY!

This is the first time I’ve ever painted on solid board instead of a canvas – it was completely new texture and while I painted I kept wondering why the canvas wasn’t flexing beneath my brush – they things we get used to! HA HA! I hope you enjoy this process and I really hope you all have the most amazing Christmas holiday this week! See y’all on the flip side!IMG_1793_Small IMG_1794_Small IMG_1798_Small SubmergedDaisies_2015

Tree Paintings – The Perfect Match


‘The Perfect Match’ – acrylic on canvas – 18″ x 24″

Trees are one of my most favourite things to paint. Artists have always found inspiration in nature but particularly in trees. These anthropomorphic beauties are full of whimsy and life – they can take center stage in any painting and own it.

This commission has such a lovely story behind it. I must share it with you in my client’s own words:

~~~”Before my husband and I started dating he was on an art trip where they went painting trees. He was praying about who he would marry and he felt God saying that he shouldn’t worry. My husband had painted 2 trees and he sensed God telling him that like God was going to send water and sun for those trees to grow and eventually their branches would touch. He felt like God had a plan for who he was going to marry. When the time was right we would grow together and our branches would touch. 

I was hoping you could do a painting for us  with a tree representing me; crazy colourful, unexpected a tiny bit unruly and untamed  and one representing my husband; strong and tall, steady artistic but more classical. I also see his tree looking towards the prairies with the wide open skies and mine facing the mountains.

I also see God’s love over all enfolding and guiding and protecting despite life storms raging. And the trees growing closer together as a result and looking up to God in trust and hope.

Anyhow those are some thoughts. We really like your stuff so whatever you do will be great.”~~~

So out of all that touching and beautiful inspiration I came up with the ‘The Perfect Match’. I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of the process! IMG_1071_SmallIMG_1073_SmallIMG_1075_SmallIMG_1079_SmallPerfectMatch

Pssst… I realize I haven’t been posting much lately. Bad, bad, bad!!! The thing is that most of the paintings and drawings I’m working on at the moment are commission orders that are intended as Christmas gifts and I just don’t want to spoil any surprises. However, just imagine how much I’ll have to show you in January!

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday my friends!


What is digital drawing, how is it done and is it real art?

Winter Scene Completed_SmallSince I started sharing bits of my journey into learning digital portraiture and illustration I’ve received a lot of questions and enquiries into what exactly this medium is…? Some folks thought that I was just manipulating photos but in fact I am actually drawing by hand. I do use photos as references or as ideas sometimes but the actual piece is created by hand on a Wacom Tablet. (The piece pictured here though was an idea created completely in my head.) The tablet is connected to my computer, I use a digital mouse pen directly on my tablet screen and paint with tools in Adobe Photoshop to create the image. It really is very much like drawing on a piece of paper or painting on a canvas depending on the tools you use.

IMG_0977Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 6.53.45 PM

My drawing begins like any of my traditional drawings with a quick sketch.Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 12.54.01 PM Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 1.55.30 PM Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 2.03.22 PMThen like any traditional drawing or painting project I build my image in layers. Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 5.05.23 PM
This illustration is destined to become the base for a mini Christmas animation that my daughter and I are working on.Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 5.10.18 PMScreen shot 2015-11-05 at 5.14.53 PM


And voila! After several hours of drawing here is the final piece –>
Winter Scene Completed_Small
I really wanted to share this process with you because sometimes I think the idea of “digital art” can be confusing… You might wonder if it is “real”? And as an artist who has been traditional pretty much all of my career I assure you that it is a very real art medium – one that takes equally as much learning, thought and time as any other. Hours and hours of work especially when you’re a beginner like me! ;)

If you are contemplating whether or not you might enjoy this medium I’d encourage you to try – it’s worth it!

The Process of Learning Digital Painting

Digital Art is a very new realm for me and I’m only a beginner. However, I’m working hard to teach myself this skill because I think it would be a fun and beautiful way to illustrate another children’s book one day. Attached here are a couple practice illustrations I worked on over the weekend. I’m discovering new techniques and slowly improving.

Illustration1 Illustraion2 And even though it’s completely embarrassing…  Ha ha! I’m going to share with you my very first attempts at digital illustration as well, these will definitely give you an idea of how far I’ve come. (See below and have chuckle along with me. :) )

“Every artist was first an amateur.” ~Ralph Waldo EmersonFairy_2.jpg 2ndTry

Digital Portrait Commissions

Although these portraits are somewhat outside my regular rainbow bright style of painting I do enjoy creating them. The older 60’s photo was a particular challenge since it was so faded and blurry but I am happy with the result and love the retro feeling!

Alright, onto some real life, getting messy kinda painting for the rest of today! YAY!


Painting Reveal – Nature’s Urban Goddess


Nature’s Urban Goddess – acrylic on canvas – 4.5′ x 3′

As promised yesterday – here is the first painting inspired out of my summer photo shoot with the beautiful and talented Jayli Wolf!

For some reason I like to make things hard for myself… I decided to use a large canvas for this one – 4.5′ x 3′ to be exact – eep! Hence, this piece has taken me almost four months to complete – not only because of the size but because it was a whole new concept for me as well… I don’t often paint people and then the act of adding them into a landscape painting in my style was definitely a new challenge.

IMG_0510a_SmallThis photo above was my first choice although I was tempted to use the one below as well (it will have to be my next :) ). I was drawn to the tall cathedral-like trees and really looked forward to creating a landscape using those. While the final painting was never meant to be an exact likeness of Jayli it was an attempt to capture her spirit and the relationship of that spirit to nature. We might know Jayli as a musical urban goddess but I feel like she also belongs here as well. The furniture and the window props create a “home” for Jayli and I find she appears both earthy and ethereal – like she stands apart and belongs at the same time. It was fun to try and capture this in the painting.IMG_0581_SmallI photographed the progression of the painting and it took sooooo long to complete. Such large surface area to cover… Apparently I’d make a terrible a muralist! However, I love the physical presence that this large canvas brings.

IMG_0228_Small Small IMG_0539_Small IMG_0541_Small IMG_0542_Small IMG_0563_SmallFinished_CollageThanks so much for stopping by and checking this out – I’ve been super excited to finally share this, especially after so many months of work. We artists are always the hardest on ourselves and since this is my first attempt at a person in a landscape I feel happy with many parts but also a bit insecure about others – my constant drive is the chance to improve with time and practice. :)
Hope you all have an amazing weekend friends! xo