I Wanna be in Pictures

I have always loved film. Sometimes during movies I’ll miss the plot entirely because I’m too busy focusing on the videography.

The process of capturing moving images fascinates me and so I’ve decided that it is time! I’m on a quest to learn this craft.

I began my interest in still photography in 1991 (my first year of University). I took 4 years of photography while I obtained my Fine Arts degree and have been a professional photographer now for 17 years. While I feel quite confident in my regular photography skills I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do film. This is where Jayli and Hayden come in. I recently photographed their formal wedding portraits in exchange for some lessons in videography. Hayden is a brilliant photographer/director/videographer. Check out this short film that he and Jayli created recently > LISTEN

I’m so excited to maybe one day show you some of my very own films but today I’ll just share their wedding pics. :) Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some eye candy!

~ Micheline

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