Knowing Others

The mind of an artist can be in a constant state of creation.  I am always coming up with new concepts; ideas I want to paint, build, create and photograph. The strange thing is that if I don’t have the opportunity to express these ideas then they tend to fester. (It’s not a pretty sight – just ask my husband. ;))

Lately, I’ve been on a personal quest to understand how we can truly know others; our friends, our family, our spouses, and even our children.  There are so many obstacles we face on the journey to authentic relationship and in some situations these obstacles even end the voyage entirely…

So what exactly am I talking about? Well… things like the fact that in daily life we only see portions of people – small sections of their being.  Or we only know people through filters, either created by the person themselves, by us or by external opinions and prejudices.  Sometimes we can’t even focus on them at all…

How can we have real relationships?

I understand that my philosiphizin’ skills are rather poor so the hope is that my photographs will make up for that.  If not… well… maybe you’ll just have fun scrolling through them anyway!  🙂


What have I learned on my journey thus far? Only this; authentic relationship begins with knowing oneself first.

~ Micheline


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