Talus Rock Retreat

Talus Rock Retreat was built by the Pedersen family in an effort to bless and help impoverished children around the world. This family has invested everything they have into creating this luxurious B&B and 100% of the cost of staying here is donated directly to the International Children’s Network.

My husband, Shane, and I donated our time to travel down to Sandpoint, Idaho to photograph Talus Rock. We love the Pedersen’s hearts, we love that they advocate for children and so we wanted use what gifts we do have to help support them in this endeavor. Shane and I wanted to provide the them with professional photographs to use for their website and advertising. Photographs can often speak more than words and our hope is that these images will further encourage folks to stay here. This is the most amazing vacation spot ever and I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want the cost of their family vacation or romantic getaway to go to children in need!

The Williams family also agreed to donate their time – they joined us at Talus Rock to be our lifestyle models. They traveled 6.5 hours with a 2 yr old and we are SO grateful to them!!! You’ll see their smiling faces throughout the images that we captured here. πŸ™‚

In addition to operating and giving through Talus Rock, the Pedersen family donates an immense amount of their time to ICN and they travel directly to various third world countries to work with the children themselves. You can read more about the Pederson’s endeavors here on their blog >>> Talus Rock Retreat Blog.

I LOVE cedar trees… sigh… πŸ™‚ – a pretty forest surrounds this retreat with walking trails.

Did I mention that this place is FUN??? Well, at least, the smallest Williams family member thought it was fun!

On second thought maybe the older family members thought so too! πŸ˜‰

The swim-able pond at Talus Rock Retreat is equipped with a small sandy beach and fun paddle boats. In the winter when it freezes over the pond is cleared of snow for ice skating. This retreat also has a small outdoor pool and hot tub as well. (It was still early spring when we were here so these amenities were not yet up and running but we’ll be back in the summer to catch whatever shots we missed!) Oh ya – AND Talus Rock is only minutes away from downtown Sandpoint, Idaho which boasts an incredible public beach on Pend Orielle Lake plus, some sweet local eateries and shopping! OH – AAAAAND… also close by is the Schwietzter Mountain Ski Resort for all those winter enthusiasts! Phew – this place has everything!!! You gotta stay here! You can have a fabulous holiday and GIVE at the same time – that’s a good deal right there! πŸ™‚

Talus Rock also includes some “fun on the farm” as well>>>

Okay, so the BEST part about the end of this photo tour is that it ISN’T the end!!! Ha ha! Shane and I took SO many photos that I’ve only shared the outside of this B&B with you here! If you want to check out the interior of this beautiful place CLICK HERE!!!Β  Seriously – you are gonna love the inside of this place! But don’t go yet – I’ll leave you today with three more outdoor pics.

~ Micheline

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