A Forgery

I recently received a commission from my Etsy shop – MISH MASH – to create a replica of a painting I had done before. While I knew I could create something very similar I also knew it wouldn’t be exactly the same. I thought it would be fun to show you these sister paintings and I’ve also included my process of painting the original piece as well.

This is my original piece – ‘Following the Snow Line’. Please click on image to see enlarged version.
This is the sister painting – my recent commission. ‘Following the Snow Line II’ – 1.5′ x 3′. Please click on image to see enlarged version.

I like to start most of my paintings off as a sketch. I don’t usually follow the drawing exactly but it helps to give me a good idea of how to begin – and it warms up my hands a little. πŸ™‚

Often my paintings are inspired by photographs. I’ll keep the photo and the sketch close at hand while painting.

I always begin with a watery paint drawing on my canvas – this creates an outline for me to follow.

Typically I start painting in the background first – this isn’t a hard and fast rule for me just seems to be my default.

I like to put down my first layer of paint as a general outline of movement and colour – after this is down I then proceed to putting a layer of detail on top.

Following the same process as the sky I move forward a layer and put down my outline again. After I am content with the movement and colour of that section I layer over with more detail.

Moving forward again in my piece following the same pattern – layer upon layer – until it is complete.

I really like to use stylized outlining in different colours to pull things together in the end. For example below, the light orange lines on the tree branches or the red outline along the mountain edge. This is not something every artist does it’s just a style preference for me.

Above and below are the two sisters again (click images to enlarge).

~ Micheline

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