Down by the Riverside

My kids have hit their teen years and for some reason doing arts and crafts with Mom just isn’t very cool anymore. I can coax them into it once in awhile but it’s a rare occasion. However, this past week I had some little girlies staying at my house and we did TWO full days of crafts! Sewing, crocheting, knitting and painting! Painting was by far their favourite activity and while they painted one canvas after another, I sat beside them and worked on this 12″ x12″ piece pictured here. It’s definitely painted in a much lighter palette than I’m used to but I’m still happy with it.


The inspiration for this painting came from the numerous memories I have of playing at the rivers and creeks with my kids when they were small. British Columbia is such an amazing place – so blessed to live here!



Happy day,  Micheline

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