Headed South

The painting below is a commission piece I just completed this past winter. My client gave me a greeting card with a picture on front that she requested I paint in my own style. I struggled with how to represent her idea, I really didn’t want it to come out tacky. In the end it turned out very illustrative, much like something you’d see in a children’s book and she loved it.

I always start with a watery acrylic sketch of the idea.

Then I begin my first layer of “fill” colours – usually (not always) starting with the background and working my way forward.

Although I regularly draw figures in my illustrations, I rarely do them in my paintings and so this is where my struggles began. I didn’t know how to make the girl and the cat fit into my landscape naturally.

As I continued painting my instincts led me to a more illustrative style.

Moving forward in layers adding detail on top of my first layers. And eventually some stylized lining for definition and pop.

My client loved the piece. I am satisfied with it as an illustration but I do feel that I need to work more on figurative painting.

~ Micheline

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