A New Painting

Hot off the presses – just completed a new commissioned piece today!

I find that I am the most productive when I have a free day entirely dedicated to painting. Constant interruptions can make me feel like I am defeated before I even begin. However, as most folks out there already know, a large span of uninterrupted  hours is hard to come by and so before I share my newest piece with you I need to send out a HUGE thank-you to my hubby! He took on a massive load of regular life stuff today including; kids, home school, groceries, farm animals, errands and much more so I that could concentrate on completing this piece. (Thanks Babe – I think I’ll keep ya! 😉 )

It is always an honour to create a special piece for someone. I like commissions because they usually challenge me to create outside my own box and it’s good to be a little uncomfortable sometimes. 😉 Although, I must admit that this piece wasn’t uncomfortable at all! Actually it was entirely within my comfort zone – ha ha! My client requested that I create a new original using one of my older pieces as my main source of inspiration. The older piece is just below, a painting which I created in 2010 titled, ‘Dancing Trees’.


My client chose a square canvas instead of a rectangle and so I rearranged things to suit the new size and started with a watery acrylic sketch. This base sketch provides me with essential guidelines for my composition and it helps me pin point where I want to begin.


In this case I began with the sky, mainly because it was the largest surface area on my canvas. Sometimes I find it wise to tackle the big stuff  while you are fresh.  And it’s always nice to have accomplished so much when you return to your piece later.


With landscapes, I typically work from background to foreground. Although this isn’t a steadfast rule.



I will lay down a base within a section of my painting and then layer details on top. In the case above I laid down the red first and worked my details on top after (below).


I followed this same process below with my trees by laying down the dark green and layering the branch details on top after.




In the end I love to use stylized lines in complimentary colours to tie the painting together.


‘Dancing Trees No. 2′ – acrylic on canvas – 2′ x 2’.
Click on image to see enlarged version.

While I don’t think these trees dance quite as much as the original I am happy with the results. Here’s hoping my client is as well! 🙂



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