Cow Island – New Painting

One of the things I like about commission pieces is that they are often ordered for a special event like a birthday or an anniversary. This painting is for a wedding gift. The couple is getting married in Portland, Maine on an island called ‘Cow Island’ (hence the title). Their kind friend has ordered this depiction of the island as their wedding gift – such a memorable idea!


Above is the image that my client sent me to work with. She requested that the clouds be done in the swirly style you see in some of my other paintings and she mentioned her preference for the aqua blues that I’ve become attached to in some of my recent works.


Watery sketch to begin – since the composition was quite simple I skipped doing a pencil sketch on paper this time.


I really like layering my paint. I feel like it has a more finished look in the end.Β  I always start with getting my shapes and colours down in a general fashion and then work my details over top in more layers.


I work in this fashion throughout, layering the painting and working my way to the foreground. I really enjoyed painting this sky I felt like I could have stayed and painted there forever.




I also enjoy the last details as well and often spend a lot of time working them out.


I almost always paint all the way around the sides, top and bottom of the canvas – I like this gallery wrapped look. And I like that it doesn’t need to be framed unless you want to.


Here’s hoping this couple loves their gift and that they have a beautiful wedding!





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