Art Myth


I don’t often rant publicly, mainly because I’m worried that I’ll regret it in the morning. However, I think I’ll be relatively safe with this one… (famous last words… <snort>).

I REALLY want to bust a myth – I NEED to bust this myth actually!

The myth is this: “Art just comes naturally to some people.” or rephrased; “Art doesn’t require thought – it just happens without effort and simply flows off the artist’s fingertips.”


I’ve encountered this myth – in person – a fair amount lately and I’ll admit that it burns me a little. It is ignorant, uninformed and disrespectful. And if this myth in anyway conveys your own personal preconceptions of what an artist is and does, then I beg you to reconsider.

I understand that from the outside looking in some things can look effortless, kinda like all those figure skaters at the Olympics. πŸ˜‰ However, it has taken me more than twenty years of practice, schooling, effort and hard work to reach a moderately acceptable aesthetic level as a visual artist. And I must also assert that art, by far, takes more original thought, concentration, and energy than any other job I have ever done… believe it or not!

Either that or I’m not nearly as “natural” as others…<shrug>.

Rant done. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Art Myth

  1. Micheline – it is my belief that an artist is the eyes of God – you are given inspiration and a gift that comes not so much from natural talent but hard work, imagination and skill like no other. Each artist is unique and to the observer the experience is different for every artist. Your work inspires in me God’s inspiration for the earth. What you see in landscape is like no other and it is in you that God’s works are displayed for all. You are very talented and rare artist and I love browsing through your creations. The painting you did of my boys playing hockey is in my family room and it is a constant reminder to me of a very special time in the our family life – especially now as the boys seem to be noticeably older every single day. Whoever thinks that art doesn’t take much thought or skill that it comes easy – they are not worthy to carry your brushes! There you have it – my rant..

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