Photography Challenge #3 – EDGY

Here it is! My third photography challenge – ‘Edgy’ – submitted by Damien.

Definition: edg·y: 1. Nervous or irritable. 2. Having a sharp or biting edge, sharp-edged, excessively defined. 3. Daring, provocative, innovative or trend-setting: with the concomitant qualities of intensity and excitement.

Other than the nervous or irritable definition, I am hoping that the photos I created this week fit the definition of EDGY. I had a heap of fun creating these and I was excited about the screen/film style quality of some of the pics. If I were to apply a film character  to define these images more I’d choose ‘Joan of Arc‘. 🙂

Big thanks again to Damien for his inspiring submission, to my friend Tom for the sword loan and to my beautiful model Kayt (you are amazing)! Hope y’all enjoy!
Edgy_Blog_0001 Edgy_Blog_0002 Edgy_Blog_0003 Edgy_Blog_0004 Edgy_Blog_0005 Edgy_Blog_0006 Edgy_Blog_0007 Edgy_Blog_0008 Edgy_Blog_0009 Edgy_Blog_0010 Edgy_Blog_0011
Tune in tomorrow and I’ll let y’all know next week’s challenge!
Happy Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “Photography Challenge #3 – EDGY

  1. Wow! I love the photo of Damien in silhouette against the window with the light catching the sword blade. Stunning and edgy. And those eyes – she’s gorgeous. Nice work, Mich!

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