A Tiny Bit of Wonderland

My photo challenge for this week was the word ‘TINY’ submitted by Becky. After I read this challenge I immediately fixated upon the story of Alice in Wonderland. (I LOVE that story!) This challenge reminded me of when Alice drank from the vial and shrunk down so that she could fit through the door into Wonderland. However, directly following that first thought I reprimanded myself with this wisdom, ‘Whoa – slow down! That idea is far too much work to reproduce!’. Taking my own advice I wracked my brain all week and weekend for a simpler idea but, in the end (the VERY end), I gave up and gave in.  So here it is – my ‘tiny’ bit of Wonderland. 🙂










Big huge thanks to my beautiful little model Jaelynne – you are awesome! And to Hannah (my daughter) for all her help frantically making props at the last minute!!! I love you both!

HEY DON’T LEAVE YET! I figured since I keep forgetting to post the next draw on Thursday mornings I ought to just post it now – NEXT week’s challenge is ‘LOVE’ submitted by Ginny – check back next Wednesday to see what kind of photos I can conjure up. 🙂

Happy day friends!

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