It’s as Cold as Ice!


Love the abstract play of ice on windows.

Us Creston Valley peeps are wimps… It’s been minus 8 – 16 degrees this week and we’re freezing – brrrrrr!!! (I’m rolling my eyes because I know that all you folks who live in the truly arctic areas of Canada are laughing at us right now.) However, I am grateful for this little cold snap because I found ICE everywhere.  A big thank-you to Valerie for submitting ‘ICE‘ as a photo challenge it has been a fun week of ice hunting and ice play!


This is a view of the tree in our backyard through the ice covered greenhouse windows.


Funky icy bubble formations on our pond.

And not only is ice fun to photograph it’s apparently a lot fun to play on as well! Couldn’t resist sharing these silly pics of my son and his friends sliding around on our frozen pond yesterday afternoon!Ice_04_Logo




Next week’s photo challenge, submitted by Damien, is ‘TRANQUILITY‘.  Ahhhhh… I like the sound of this one! Check back next Wednesday to see how tranquil I can be! 😀

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