Sometimes ‘tranquility’ can only be found in a cup of coffee (or tea).

Four kids, one dog, two cats, a lizard, cooking, cleaning, cleaning, CLEANING, wiping noses, wiping bums, calming tears, refereeing fights, helping with homework, the endless bedtime routine, reading stories, fixing broken toys, playing cars, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, spills and more spills, outdoor chores, disciplining, finding everything that’s been lost (even by your husband) and don’t get me started on what it’s like when everyone has the flu! Got the picture? Did I mention cleaning? Everyday. ALL day. No wages and NO breaks.

And so I say – sometimes “tranquility” can only be found in a cup of coffee (or tea).

‘Tranquility’, submitted by Damien, was my photo challenge for this week and all I could think of was warm sun on my skin and white sand between my toes – sigh… Obviously winter is a bit of an obstacle, so instead of soft sands and lapping waves I photographed a stay-at-home Mom.

“Stay-at-home Mom” / “tranquility” – catch the irony?

These photos are probably never going to end up in National Geographic and it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll get nominated for any awards but I do hope that they manage to capture and honour a small portion of every regular Mom’s day.  I remember those years at home with little ones. Being a stay-at-home Mom is the most difficult and least honoured profession in the world!


A huge THANK-YOU to my friend, Sylvie and her four beautiful kidlets for letting me invade their home for an afternoon. YOU are all amazing!!!

Next week’s challenge – ‘DANCE IN THE RAIN’ – submitted by Ginny. Oooooo!!! Sounds fun! Check back on Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes ‘tranquility’ can only be found in a cup of coffee (or tea).

  1. I feel like I am always cleaning too and thank goodness for dogs.. I can see how dogs come in handy with children because they pick up all the crumbs lol 🙂 I love the photos of your kids- so many big personalities- i can see the love

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