How Does One Photograph ‘Forgiveness’?

While the dictionary definition of ‘forgiveness’ is rather simple to understand the actual act is very complicated. Even without adding a religious context it evokes multiple emotional responses and strongly associates itself with many other words. In short, this is a complex concept to photograph! I guess that’s why I call this a weekly photo “challenge”. πŸ˜‰

I decided to try and convey some of the emotional responses and words that can be associated with the word ‘forgiveness’ but I’m leaving it up to you to discover those meanings within the photos themselves. And in the end, if I’ve done a horrible job of relating these images to the challenge then my hope is that you at least find them interesting to scroll through. πŸ™‚

AN ENORMOUS THANK-YOU to my enchanting model Makaria!!!Β You are beautiful inside and out!
A big thanks to Lisa for submitting ‘forgiveness’ as a challenge – you pushed me hard with this one (in a good way).

Okay, drawing out the next challenge as I type – (yes, I can do both at once) – ready?

TRUST – submitted by Melody. Check back next Wednesday!

Happy mid-week everyone!

8 thoughts on “How Does One Photograph ‘Forgiveness’?

  1. Ironically, or maybe not so, many more images of “trust” spring to mind than of “forgiveness.” I think it may be easier to trust than to forgive by our very nature, and to construct our mental image of that, by extension, becomes more difficult. Either way, I enjoyed the imagery in the post – great shots!

    • Awe John – thank-you so much for checking this out! Yes – I agree trust seems both easier as an act and simpler to visualize as well. You’re kind comment and words are greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Beautiful work! Even though the dictionary definition of forgiveness seems rather simplistic – the actual choice of forgiving someone and walking through the healing process isn’t. When I looked through your photos, I saw “intensity” which made me think about the heart’s longing for freedom from pain. Thanks for pressing through this one, Mich. It paid off.

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