Life is Precious


There is no greater wake up call than poor health.

It’s amazing how quickly life is refocused… Who would have thought that showering, sitting up at the table for dinner or having a regular conversation would become so precious! Sadly, these simple things in life are not appreciated until you can’t do them anymore…

I started having health problems a little over two months ago. It wasn’t until June that it hit a peak. After numerous tests and a couple of hospital stays it has been narrowed down to a few possibilities. I am still waiting to get into a specialist who can -hopefully – make the final call. We are optimistic that it will all be very treatable in the end. In the meantime, I am happy to say I’ve been out of hospital for almost two weeks and I am managing to get by at home. (With a lot of love, patience and help from my family members.) And while some days are still a struggle I am soaking up every moment at home with immense gratitude.

The funny thing is that even while bedridden an artist never stops creating. In my better moments I had a bit of energy to sketch (attached above) and I’ve also compiled a mental list of paintings I’d like to complete when I am well again. Of course, all of these will come after I have drowned my family in affection and they can’t wait for me to leave them alone and paint. 😉

I know you’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again anyway… DON’T lose sight of what’s important, treasure your loved ones, and be grateful for every healthy moment!

See you all on the flip side. 🙂





6 thoughts on “Life is Precious

  1. Praying for you. A good recovery. We all need to be reminded of how precious life is . God bless you and your family.

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