Dutch Harbour on Kootenay Lake – New Painting


Dutch Harbour on Kootenay Lake – 26″ x 30″ – acrylic on canvas

This painting is truly all about Canada for me.

Although we Canadians are not known for overt displays of patriotism we carry pride for our country in a reserved manner. Let’s be honest we do a lot of things in a reserved manner but that doesn’t mean our hearts are not full. I love Canada – I love British Columbia and I celebrate the privilege it is to live here everyday! This painting is an outward expression of my patriotism and grateful heart.

My family and I moved to the Creston Valley in British Columbia 5 years ago and one of the biggest draws to living here was the chance to be so near Kootenay Lake. This painting is based on a photograph taken there by a friend of Dutch Harbour. There are endless beautiful spots on this lake – if you have never visited – you MUST!

I originally interpreted this photo into a mixed media drawing but after the drawing was completed I knew I would have to paint it as well.

This piece is available for sale in my ETSY SHOP!

13 thoughts on “Dutch Harbour on Kootenay Lake – New Painting

  1. I used to live in Crawford Bay on Kootenay Lake with my family. We live in Vancouver now and I miss Crawford Bay every day. I really like your style. Lots of colour. I just recently took a beginners water colours class. I love the freedom of it and am working on it everyday. Nothing like expressing yourself with colour!!!

    • Hi Emilia, Thank-you so much for all your kind words! Crawford Bay is beautiful – Kootenay Lake is beautiful all around though! One of the main reasons we moved to the Creston Valley was to be closer to the lake.
      Greta to hear you are enjoying your watercolours – I love watercolour as well but haven’t done it much in the past couple years though.
      Thanks for connecting!!!

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