Lake McDonald Commission Painting Completed!


Lake McDonald – 3′ x 2.5′ – acrylic on canvas

So excited to finally share this with you all! I took my time on this commission. I didn’t want to rush it  – I wanted it to be just right and it was worth the long wait. This piece is for a family that I hold very dear and I’m so honoured that it will be hanging in their home ( I could squeal it makes me so happy!).

The painting was inspired by these two images of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. Apparently those rainbow rocks you see in the pictures below really do look like that! Beautiful lake, mountains and setting – wow!


Wish I could give credit to the photographer here but don’t know where these come from. 😦


Wish I could give credit to the photographer here but don’t know where these come from. 😦

I had two main goals with this commission; first to create depth – I wanted an intense perspective – I tried to make the mountains pull you into the background. And second I wanted the rocks to be more than just rocks. I’ll explain why… This lake, these mountains, obviously mean a lot to the family who commissioned this and thus it must hold some important memories and feelings for them. I painted the rocks in the foreground in a more impressionistic/Monet fashion because I wanted the eye to delight in them but maybe also wonder exactly what they are. For example, my son saw them a possibly flowers floating on the lake. The rocks needed to be open to interpretation to create a bit of joy, a bit of wonder and whimsy – a way of trying to capture how this family’s memories of Lake McDonald might feel. (Here’s hoping that feeling worked out okay.)

Thanks for checking this out friends – hope you enjoy seeing some of the painting as it progressed below. 🙂CollageIMG_9690IMG_9694_SmallIMG_9791_SmallIMG_9795_SmallLakeMcDonald_3'x2.5'_acryliconcanvas_Small

9 thoughts on “Lake McDonald Commission Painting Completed!

      • Micheline-
        Your landscapes are really special. And I’m getting a bit better at this ‘word-smithing’ stuff. Something I constantly work on like my art. I should work on my landscapes – I don’t do them well at all. I guess I’m more of a monster-poeple- wildlife kind of gal and I’m making excuses now, so I don’t have to paint water and trees. 😉 When I see landscapes like yours – I’m inspired to try or at least to think about attempting more landscapes ’cause I see how moving they can be. 🙂
        So I thank you for the inspiration 🙂

        • Awwww – you work is so original and the words you include with it make your work complete. (Ok so I envy your use of words a little. 😉 ) The funny thing is that I want to try to get better at painting some of things you do – including people – I’m working myself up to it – planning some projects this summer – we’ll see how it goes. It’s an adventure! Thanks again and again! ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Okay then Micheline, you work on faces, I’ll work on trees and we’ll expand those creative horizons…eyes, noses, flowers, leaves and all 😉
          Thank you also, for your generous words.
          Have a glorious Sunday.

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