At Some Point Every Artist Should Paint Monet Style Water Lilies

Just to clarify, I’m in NO way comparing myself to Monet – ha ha! However, I’ve never painted water lilies before and I couldn’t help being inspired by Monet and his beautiful impressionistic style. I worked side-by-side today with one of my new students (She had a lot of work to do so I figured she might not feel comfortable with me just sitting beside her and staring while she worked. 😉 ) It was awesome to paint alongside someone and talk about art the whole time – now that’s a fun day!


I also completed a little mini flower painting as well today. It was an impasto experiment that I had prepared beforehand. I had painted the paste medium on first in random strokes and the after drying tried to draw out an image from those thick shapes and brush strokes.


Last year one of my youngest students also painted some water lilies – couldn’t help sharing her work again with you! IMG_1742

4 thoughts on “At Some Point Every Artist Should Paint Monet Style Water Lilies

  1. I love the the ‘Redeened’ on the box canvas – lovely. I had a go at the water lillies thing too once – in pastels rather than paint. I don’t think I’ll ever show anyone the reults! Ha ha. His painting is very inspiring – it just captures something which I can’t say in words. I partuclarly like the waterlily flowers in your one. Good job!

    • Awe thanks so much for your encouragement! There are many things I have done in the past that I’ve never shared. I admit that I even contemplated not sharing these lilies. However, I’m trying to force myself to get over this and share both the good and also the “bad”. If I didn’t force this then I probably would hardly ever share anything! HA HA! (We artists are always so hard on ourselves.)

      • Yup – I absolutely agree. I can only do one painting in a day so if it’s rubbish I still put it up on my blog to avoid missing a day when I normally post. What amazes me is that sometimes something I really like gets very little postivie attention but some stuff I put up and cringe at, other people like! It does my head in being an artist sometimes! (In a nice way). 🙂

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