Sarah & Cole

My hubby and I don’t do wedding and portrait photography as a job anymore but occasionally we are honoured to photograph our family and close friends. Our cousin Sarah was married in the snow to Cole this past weekend and I’m excited to share some of my favourites from the wedding here with you. Hope you are all staying dry and warm in this crazy snow fall season!

Congratulations Sarah and Cole it was so lovely to be able to capture these memories for you! ❀

5 thoughts on “Sarah & Cole

  1. I am not on your site as often as I used to, but everytime I come for a visit and I see these wedding photos I must say you have captured something fleeting and miraculous. So beautiful. The most incredible winter wedding photos ever! I am thrilled every single time. And I love everything you paint. Really great work. I love your use of vivid colours. That is the way I paint too, Love the bright colours. I am surprised your piece on Dutch Harbour didn’t make the competition. No accounting for taste, I guess. I would have allowed it because that sky is something else!

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