4 Advantages to Buying Individual Printable Colouring Pages Online Vs Adult Colouring Books

Really wanted to share this with you all – I thought you might enjoy seeing some more of what I’ve been up to in the illustration realm. 🙂

WaterLilies_SmallAlthough I love the beauty of books and I certainly hope to print more, there are some definite advantages to purchasing individual printable colouring pages online verses just buying coloring books.

Purchasing an individual printable colouring page gives you the opportunity to print the page more than once. Hence, if you mess up and don’t like how you started colouring the first time (or the first few times) then you can recycle it and begin again! Practice makes perfect. 😉


Purchasing individual colouring pages allows you to pick and choose your style of pages more subjectively. I’ve found that I don’t always like every single page inside a book, I love the flexibility of picking and choosing individual pages that I personally find fit my tastes. Choosing for your own style makes colouring a whole lot more fun!


In our GO GREEN world buying an individual page to print at home reduces paper waste. No…

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Recent Drawings and Sketches

SunflowerSketch_SmallWow – sometimes life can be a whirlwind eh?!  My fault though; I had kids and I love projects. I’m so project oriented that it’s crazy how I can’t stop my brain from always wanting to do something new… I’m a getter-done-girl though so they all get finished (in time). 😉 I am still working through my new painting series but I’m also trying hard to be mindful of the benefits of frequent drawing. Sometimes I love what I sketch and other times I cringe… In the end though my art improves when I draw more. Attached here are few of my recent sketches and drawings. The sunflower pictured above is slowly being brought to life  in my current painting.IMG_2099 Bicycle_SmallI’m not totally thrilled with this bicycle drawing – it was one of my first attempts at tablet drawing but I thought I’d share with you anyway. It’s inspired by the photo below which I took years ago on a Sunday drive.  bikeScooterIllustratiion_SmallNow this scooter drawing was purely for fun – it’s something I have been wanting to do for ages. I’d love, when time permits, to create a series of illustrations inspired by modern scenes. Not sure when I’ll ever get to the next one but the idea is burning a hole in my brain while it waits! DisneyEngagement_SmallThis drawing was actually a recent commission ordered for a gift. It’s inspired from the engagement photo below. It was super fun to create – I mean who wouldn’t want to chance to draw a couple in love out front of Cinderella’s castle – come on! So sweet!icm_fullxfull.77585257_m7ajks6t4o0kkgko00ckThat’s all for now folks – I realize I have been neglecting my blog in all life’s busyness but here’s hoping I can get on a regular posting track again soon. (I know I’m probably dreaming… 😉 ) Happy Wednesday friends!

The Process of Learning Digital Painting

Digital Art is a very new realm for me and I’m only a beginner. However, I’m working hard to teach myself this skill because I think it would be a fun and beautiful way to illustrate another children’s book one day. Attached here are a couple practice illustrations I worked on over the weekend. I’m discovering new techniques and slowly improving.

Illustration1 Illustraion2 And even though it’s completely embarrassing…  Ha ha! I’m going to share with you my very first attempts at digital illustration as well, these will definitely give you an idea of how far I’ve come. (See below and have chuckle along with me. 🙂 )

“Every artist was first an amateur.” ~Ralph Waldo EmersonFairy_2.jpg 2ndTry

Illustration Practice

Was feeling a little under the weather last week so to pass the hours on the couch I did some illustration practice. Still working on finding my own comfortable illustration style and medium. The mixed media drawings I’ve been doing over the past while have been fun but these mostly coloured pencil drawings were fun as well.

Hope you are all having a lovely summer weekend!

ArrivalofSpring_Small Belle_Small

Digital Drawing – New Spice Labels!

Now this was a fun project! My good friend Jo owns her own little organic spicerie and she commissioned me to design a new artistic label for one of her flavourable blends.

I did the drawing digitally, which is not something I do very often, however I’d like to get better at it. The image is actually inspired by our local landscape here in Creston, BC.

Make sure you take a peek at the spice blends that Jo has to offer – we’ve used several in our home and we love them – Just click this link here —>42Things – Organic SpicerieSteakSpiceIdea

Fairy Tale Illustrations

A little mother/daughter time today. 🙂

I gotta brag folks… Sorry… my daughter is a talented little artist! She posts drawings daily on Instagram @icandrawiswear and I’m watching her grow fast as an artist.

I love it when we get the time to create together – here are a couple mixed media fairy tale collabs we did together today. This is fun family time and good illustration practice for me! RedRidingHood_BlogSnowWhite_Blog

Boating on Kootenay Lake – Mixed Media Drawing

Couldn’t resist trying another coloured pencil/acrylic paint mix. This one is inspired by from a photo taken by my very talented friend Cheryl Jaggers. It’s another picture from my “to-do” file.

I’m thinking that these drawings need to become full fledged paintings one day though…


Dutch Harbour in Mixed Media

I’ve had the photo below hanging around in my “paint-someday” file for quite awhile. I’d always thought that I would paint it on canvas but last night I felt like sketching and this photo popped right into my mind. I sketched it first in coloured pencils and then painted on top with acrylics. Mixed media truly isn’t my strong point but I enjoyed this little experiment and I just might just do it again!