Fisher Peak

Though I lived in Cranbrook, BC for 14 years it never occurred to me to paint Fisher Peak. Not because it isn’t beautiful – it is truly grand – I think one just becomes accustomed with and/or complacent with one’s surroundings. The things that we see on a daily basis don’t always seem inspiring…

This commission was an opportunity look upon a familiar scene with fresh eyes.

I started looking through some photographs by Janice Strong and I found this one >

I used this photo, along with some of her other images as my main sources of inspiration. Generally I will do a full colour pre-sketch but this time I did only a pencil sketch.


I always do an acrylic drawing on my canvas first – this is my guide.

Normally with my acrylic paintings I will paint from background to foreground but this self-imposed rule is pretty fluid. In this case I felt inspired to start smack-dab in the middle first and then work my way back.

I do not pay very close attention to detail with my first layers of paint. The object for me is form and general shape – it is like creating a map for the details that will follow.

Once my map is laid out I then dive into the details – this time I started at the very back of the painting with the sky and moved forward from there.

With both my background layers solidified I move forward into the next layer. Once again creating a general map of paint to later apply the detail on top.

At the very end I like to add stylized lines throughout the painting to pull things together. You can see an example of how I’ve have done this with the red & yellow lines in the mountain. (Click on image below to see enlarged version.)

Fisher Peak

‘Fisher Peak’ – acrylic on canvas – 2’x 3′

I always apply a medium varnish coat to finish and protect the painting.

Honestly, I didn’t expect this painting to come out quite so colourful but, in the end, I like the brightness because once hung it is super visible in any light. Above all my clients loved it (which is always the best part :)) and it gave me a new view of an “old” view.

~ Micheline ๐Ÿ™‚