Artist Paint Brushes – How to Choose

There are a whole lot of artist brush styles out there! I thought I’d share my favoutite brushes with you here, in hopes that it might provide a little guidance to some poor unfortunate soul standing in the brush aisle of an art store staring blankly at the multitude of choices.

I actually have only three favourite styles of artist brushes – below from left to right: Detail Round (or I also call them ‘Liners’), Angular Flat & Round (or Pointed Round).


For the large areas of my paintings I almost exclusively use the Flat Angular and the Round brushes (pictured middle and right above) – all in different sizes. I find that these brushes provide me with the widest variety of strokes and as a result I don’t have to switch brushes as often during the painting process. I use the Pointed Rounds (or Liners) in various sizes (pictured on left above) as my outlining and detail brushes. It’s a pretty simple stock of brush styles but I definitely find these the most useful. πŸ™‚


If you want to learn more about artist brush styles check out this detailed post at ART IS FUN.

~ Micheline