Reflections – New Painting

This new little one is a little bit of a departure from my usual rainbow bright colour palette but I really like the earthy tones here. It’s also a bit more detailed than anything I’ve done recently but I think that the details were a good direction and I had so  much fun exploring the light and water reflections. This painting is available for sale and if you’re interested in seeing other paintings I currently have available please CLICK HERE! 

Lake View – Acrylic on Canvas – New Painting


‘Lake View’ – acrylic on canvas – 12 x 16

Over the next few months I’m working on creating a series of paintings inspired by local landscapes scenes and details. I love where I live and I’m truly excited about focusing in on the Creston Valley area. After I’ve completed this collection it will actually be on sale and displayed at a sweet little cafe here in town here called ‘Break in Time‘.  I’m super honoured that Break in Time asked me to display my work there and I promise I’ll take pictures when everything is up!

This piece here is inspired from a photo I took on a trip down to Kootenay Lake last summer. I saw these trees and couldn’t resist making my husband pull over. (I do that to him a lot… :D)

IMG_0855_SmallIMG_1943_SmallI am finding lately that study sketches help a great deal – particulalry because they get me more interested in and excited about painting. IMG_1968_SmallIMG_1994_SmallIMG_1996_SmallI kinda forgot part way through painting this one to take more progress pics… oops! So here’s a big jump to the finish line!
IMG_2000_SmallIMG_2003_SmallI find it interesting with this one that I didn’t focus right in on my rainbow bright but instead took a more green, yellow and blue subdued road. (Well, subdued for me that is.) 😉

Look forward to sharing more of this series with you as it develops. Happy weekend!!!

Up the Iron Range, New Landscape Painting

This painting was inspired by a little trip my family and I took up into the mountains. It’s a place in these here parts called the Iron Range. It was fall and we were collecting dead fallen trees for firewood to keep us warm this winter. Sounds so rustic – eh? 😉 It was stunning up there and I feel like neither my photos nor my painting can quite do it justice.


‘Up the Iron Range’ – 18″ x 24″ – acrylic on canvas

This was my preliminary study sketch drawn from the photograph I took below. IronRangeSketch_SmallIMG_6481The completed painting looks a lot different from the original photo – obviously I took artistic license and embellished a little. 😉IMG_1918_Small IMG_1922_Small This was fun process – I think I’m finally reaching a place where I can start to meld my desire to be more painterly with my natural instinct to paint flowing smooth lines.IMG_1928_Small IMG_1937_Small

I guess this is likely my last painting of 2015 (unless I can squeak something in before New Year Day 😉 ). Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Finally! New Painting!

Hey friends!!! I can finally share this commission with you! I’ve been waiting awhile… I told ya I’ve been painting… 😉 Yet another beautiful Canadian scene – always speaks to my heart!
BlogThis is the study sketch I did first. It was inspired from a photograph my client sent me. And the I photographed the rest of my progress – I hope you enjoy! Blog_0001





‘Top of the World’ – acrylic on canvas – 2′ x 3′


Dutch Harbour on Kootenay Lake – New Painting


Dutch Harbour on Kootenay Lake – 26″ x 30″ – acrylic on canvas

This painting is truly all about Canada for me.

Although we Canadians are not known for overt displays of patriotism we carry pride for our country in a reserved manner. Let’s be honest we do a lot of things in a reserved manner but that doesn’t mean our hearts are not full. I love Canada – I love British Columbia and I celebrate the privilege it is to live here everyday! This painting is an outward expression of my patriotism and grateful heart.

My family and I moved to the Creston Valley in British Columbia 5 years ago and one of the biggest draws to living here was the chance to be so near Kootenay Lake. This painting is based on a photograph taken there by a friend of Dutch Harbour. There are endless beautiful spots on this lake – if you have never visited – you MUST!

I originally interpreted this photo into a mixed media drawing but after the drawing was completed I knew I would have to paint it as well.

This piece is available for sale in my ETSY SHOP!

Second Time Around – New Painting

Home2_ 2'x3' - acrylic on canvas_Small

If you’ve been following me for awhile this new painting (above) might look familiar to you. Below is my original piece done in 2011 –>

HomeThis painting was actually inspired from the photograph attached below. It was taken by my dear friend Cheryl Jaggers. It is a view looking down on our farm from the up on the hill to the East of us – see that wee little house on the right? That’s our home! Hence the reason for titling my original 2011 piece above, ‘Home’.

Evansbrae_0013My client loved the original ‘Home’ that I had done and commissioned me to paint a new but very similar version for her. It was actually super fun recreating this painting – I loved having the chance to try my hand at it again. I did change quite a few details and I added a barn instead of my house. In the end though I think I improved upon the original in some ways. (You’ll have to let me know your thoughts on that – I’d love to hear!)

Ok – so here’s the process – check it out –>
IMG_7507IMG_7509IMG_7513IMG_7518Always wishing I had a studio… For now though I work in our dining room. 🙂


IMG_7575_SmallI really like to paint around the side edges of my canvas – I find it’s nice because then you don’t feel like you need to frame the final piece if you don’t want to.

Home2_ 2'x3' - acrylic on canvas_Small

Untitled – 2′ x 3′ – acrylic on canvas

Haven’t come up with a title for this new one yet… Any thoughts or ideas??? I’d love some suggestions!


Family Farm & Photography

In 2010 my family and I purchased a plot of farm land in beautiful British Columbia and we daily enjoy the gift that it is to live here. We raise pigs, meat birds and laying hens  – all of which we harvest and sell locally. In addition to our harvest animals we have barn cats, a loveable pooch and a couple of horses. I love gardening and although I sometimes wish that I had more time to focus in this area I do manage to plant and harvest enough goodies to get the four of us most of the way through the winter. And I just can’t resist flowers so I putter away at a couple flower beds out front and enjoy their colourful displays throughout the summer.  I’m sure as time goes by you’ll see more of  our little farm pictured here but for now I just wanted to share a little bit of the beauty (and cuteness) – I hope you enjoy! 🙂







Dad and son





















I’m leaving you with a crazy collage of images from our home and a bit of craziness from me and mine as well. 😉
Thanks for stopping by!

~ Micheline

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Evansbrae Collage


Down by the Riverside

My kids have hit their teen years and for some reason doing arts and crafts with Mom just isn’t very cool anymore. I can coax them into it once in awhile but it’s a rare occasion. However, this past week I had some little girlies staying at my house and we did TWO full days of crafts! Sewing, crocheting, knitting and painting! Painting was by far their favourite activity and while they painted one canvas after another, I sat beside them and worked on this 12″ x12″ piece pictured here. It’s definitely painted in a much lighter palette than I’m used to but I’m still happy with it.


The inspiration for this painting came from the numerous memories I have of playing at the rivers and creeks with my kids when they were small. British Columbia is such an amazing place – so blessed to live here!



Happy day,  Micheline