Dutch Harbour on Kootenay Lake – New Painting


Dutch Harbour on Kootenay Lake – 26″ x 30″ – acrylic on canvas

This painting is truly all about Canada for me.

Although we Canadians are not known for overt displays of patriotism we carry pride for our country in a reserved manner. Let’s be honest we do a lot of things in a reserved manner but that doesn’t mean our hearts are not full. I love Canada – I love British Columbia and I celebrate the privilege it is to live here everyday! This painting is an outward expression of my patriotism and grateful heart.

My family and I moved to the Creston Valley in British Columbia 5 years ago and one of the biggest draws to living here was the chance to be so near Kootenay Lake. This painting is based on a photograph taken there by a friend of Dutch Harbour. There are endless beautiful spots on this lake – if you have never visited – you MUST!

I originally interpreted this photo into a mixed media drawing but after the drawing was completed I knew I would have to paint it as well.

This piece is available for sale in my ETSY SHOP!


Dahlias_1'x2'_Acrylic on Canvas_2014_Small

This painting means a great deal to me…

This is a commission that I received in May just before I got ill – it has been waiting a long time. BUT I’m so glad it was waiting!!! I have poured every ounce of joy I could into this piece – it’s a celebration of life! It’s so easy to take day-to-day life for granted… And now that I am starting to recover I am soaking it up. I am even happy to do housework when I can! (Ok, so maybe that will get old quickly but at least for now I’m enjoying it! 😉 )

I suppose it’s kinda simple and maybe even a little cheesy but I titled it, ‘Joy’. I hope you like seeing the process.





A little Delay Soothed by a New Painting

I’m sad to say that this week’s photo challenge will be delayed a week due to cold and flu symptoms but, I’m hoping I can soothe any disappointment with this new painting! 😉


The best part about commission work is that the piece is specific to the client – it relates to them in a very personal way. When purchasing art we will normally be drawn to it because it speaks to us on some level – commission work takes this personal connection to an even deeper level – I really like that.

This piece was requested by a young couple who are due to have their first child at the beginning of June. They know the baby is a boy and they have already named him Cedar. In anticipation and celebration of his birth they commissioned me to paint a Cedar tree in his honour. If they approve of this piece it will hang in his room.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know that I have a thing for Cedar trees – I adore them. Just a short while ago, on a beautiful sunny day, my family and I were walking in the forest and I came upon the tree pictured below – it was my inspiration.

I’ve also included a few pics of the development of the painting – thanks again for stopping by. I’ll see ya next week!









A Cedar for Cedar – acrylic on canvas – 11 x 14

The “Art” of Being You – do you ever feel like you don’t measure up?

There are so many artists I admire, whose work I drool over and long to possess but, sometimes while appreciating their work, I feel insecure…  This feeling was especially acute in art school where I was surrounded by immense talent on every side – I never felt like I measured up.

Over the years I have learned that this insecurity only serves to squash all forms of personal creativity. And although it’s sometimes hard to suppress and ignore I force myself to push through. I keep creating and producing, not because I need to do better  or be better but because I love it.  I love it and it is me.

So I say SING if you love it, play an instrument if you love it, draw if you love it, run if you love it, organize if you love it, garden if you love it, or crunch numbers if you love it and forget about measuring up to anything  or anyone, even your own expectations.

Be you.