Goat River – First Painting Commission Complete!

Summer is by far the most difficult time of year to apply oneself to indoor work! There are so many other things drawing you away from your studio art space… But I have finally managed to complete my first commission … Continue reading

Dutch Harbour in Mixed Media

I’ve had the photo below hanging around in my “paint-someday” file for quite awhile. I’d always thought that I would paint it on canvasย butย last night I felt like sketching and this photo popped right into my mind. I sketched it first in coloured pencils and then painted on top with acrylics. Mixed media truly isn’t my strong point but I enjoyed this little experiment and I just might just do it again!


Favourite Artists – Laura Nelson


Laura Nelson is a Canadian artist who resides not so far away from me in scenic Fernie, BC. I first saw her work in a Fernie shop called, Clawhammer Press and I have been in love with it ever since. Of course the vibrant colours and trees are obviously a big draw for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I also love how she interprets and captures our beautiful Canadian landscapes. One day I will own one of her pieces! (Click on any of the paintings here to head out and see more of her work.)