A little Delay Soothed by a New Painting

I’m sad to say that this week’s photo challenge will be delayed a week due to cold and flu symptoms but, I’m hoping I can soothe any disappointment with this new painting! 😉


The best part about commission work is that the piece is specific to the client – it relates to them in a very personal way. When purchasing art we will normally be drawn to it because it speaks to us on some level – commission work takes this personal connection to an even deeper level – I really like that.

This piece was requested by a young couple who are due to have their first child at the beginning of June. They know the baby is a boy and they have already named him Cedar. In anticipation and celebration of his birth they commissioned me to paint a Cedar tree in his honour. If they approve of this piece it will hang in his room.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know that I have a thing for Cedar trees – I adore them. Just a short while ago, on a beautiful sunny day, my family and I were walking in the forest and I came upon the tree pictured below – it was my inspiration.

I’ve also included a few pics of the development of the painting – thanks again for stopping by. I’ll see ya next week!









A Cedar for Cedar – acrylic on canvas – 11 x 14