Fisher Peak

Though I lived in Cranbrook, BC for 14 years it never occurred to me to paint Fisher Peak. Not because it isn’t beautiful – it is truly grand – I think one just becomes accustomed with and/or complacent with one’s surroundings. The things that we see on a daily basis don’t always seem inspiring…

This commission was an opportunity look upon a familiar scene with fresh eyes.

I started looking through some photographs by Janice Strong and I found this one >

I used this photo, along with some of her other images as my main sources of inspiration. Generally I will do a full colour pre-sketch but this time I did only a pencil sketch.


I always do an acrylic drawing on my canvas first – this is my guide.

Normally with my acrylic paintings I will paint from background to foreground but this self-imposed rule is pretty fluid. In this case I felt inspired to start smack-dab in the middle first and then work my way back.

I do not pay very close attention to detail with my first layers of paint. The object for me is form and general shape – it is like creating a map for the details that will follow.

Once my map is laid out I then dive into the details – this time I started at the very back of the painting with the sky and moved forward from there.

With both my background layers solidified I move forward into the next layer. Once again creating a general map of paint to later apply the detail on top.

At the very end I like to add stylized lines throughout the painting to pull things together. You can see an example of how I’ve have done this with the red & yellow lines in the mountain. (Click on image below to see enlarged version.)

Fisher Peak

‘Fisher Peak’ – acrylic on canvas – 2’x 3′

I always apply a medium varnish coat to finish and protect the painting.

Honestly, I didn’t expect this painting to come out quite so colourful but, in the end, I like the brightness because once hung it is super visible in any light. Above all my clients loved it (which is always the best part :)) and it gave me a new view of an “old” view.

~ Micheline 🙂


Knowing Others

The mind of an artist can be in a constant state of creation.  I am always coming up with new concepts; ideas I want to paint, build, create and photograph. The strange thing is that if I don’t have the opportunity to express these ideas then they tend to fester. (It’s not a pretty sight – just ask my husband. ;))

Lately, I’ve been on a personal quest to understand how we can truly know others; our friends, our family, our spouses, and even our children.  There are so many obstacles we face on the journey to authentic relationship and in some situations these obstacles even end the voyage entirely…

So what exactly am I talking about? Well… things like the fact that in daily life we only see portions of people – small sections of their being.  Or we only know people through filters, either created by the person themselves, by us or by external opinions and prejudices.  Sometimes we can’t even focus on them at all…

How can we have real relationships?

I understand that my philosiphizin’ skills are rather poor so the hope is that my photographs will make up for that.  If not… well… maybe you’ll just have fun scrolling through them anyway!  🙂


What have I learned on my journey thus far? Only this; authentic relationship begins with knowing oneself first.

~ Micheline