Sarah & Cole

My hubby and I don’t do wedding and portrait photography as a job anymore but occasionally we are honoured to photograph our family and close friends. Our cousin Sarah was married in the snow to Cole this past weekend and I’m excited to share some of my favourites from the wedding here with you. Hope you are all staying dry and warm in this crazy snow fall season!

Congratulations Sarah and Cole it was so lovely to be able to capture these memories for you! ❀

New “Old” Painting Installed in The Break in Time Cafe

Just another reminder that my paintings are at The Break in Time Cafe here in Creston, BC!
Just installed this new “old” painting yesterday – this large piece has been hanging in my own home for years and this is the first time it’s ventured out into the great wide world. This is your chance to take a peek at it in real life!

Install at Break in Time Cafe

Hello friends! Just in case you happen to be traveling through the Creston Valley this summer and you need to stop for a bite, my install is still up at Break In Time Cafe (downtown Creston BC). I’ll actually be installing a new large piece up in there tomorrow as well. Hope you get a chance to stop in!

IMG_2607_Small IMG_2685_Small IMG_2696_Small IMG_2639_Small IMG_2694_Small

Digital Drawing – New Spice Labels!

Now this was a fun project! My good friend Jo owns her own little organic spicerie and she commissioned me to design a new artistic label for one of her flavourable blends.

I did the drawing digitally, which is not something I do very often, however I’d like to get better at it. The image is actually inspired by our local landscape here in Creston, BC.

Make sure you take a peek at the spice blends that Jo has to offer – we’ve used several in our home and we love them – Just click this link here —>42Things – Organic SpicerieSteakSpiceIdea

How Does One Photograph ‘Forgiveness’?

While the dictionary definition of ‘forgiveness’ is rather simple to understand the actual act is very complicated. Even without adding a religious context it evokes multiple emotional responses and strongly associates itself with many other words. In short, this is a complex concept to photograph! I guess that’s why I call this a weekly photo “challenge”. πŸ˜‰

I decided to try and convey some of the emotional responses and words that can be associated with the word ‘forgiveness’ but I’m leaving it up to you to discover those meanings within the photos themselves. And in the end, if I’ve done a horrible job of relating these images to the challenge then my hope is that you at least find them interesting to scroll through. πŸ™‚

AN ENORMOUS THANK-YOU to my enchanting model Makaria!!!Β You are beautiful inside and out!
A big thanks to Lisa for submitting ‘forgiveness’ as a challenge – you pushed me hard with this one (in a good way).

Okay, drawing out the next challenge as I type – (yes, I can do both at once) – ready?

TRUST – submitted by Melody. Check back next Wednesday!

Happy mid-week everyone!

It’s as Cold as Ice!


Love the abstract play of ice on windows.

Us Creston Valley peeps are wimps… It’s been minus 8 – 16 degrees this week and we’re freezing – brrrrrr!!! (I’m rolling my eyes because I know that all you folks who live in the truly arctic areas of Canada are laughing at us right now.) However, I am grateful for this little cold snap because I found ICE everywhere. Β A big thank-you to Valerie for submitting ‘ICE‘ as a photo challenge it has been a fun week of ice hunting and ice play!


This is a view of the tree in our backyard through the ice covered greenhouse windows.


Funky icy bubble formations on our pond.

And not only is ice fun to photograph it’s apparently a lot fun to play on as well! Couldn’t resist sharing these silly pics of my son and his friends sliding around on our frozen pond yesterday afternoon!Ice_04_Logo




Next week’s photo challenge, submitted by Damien, is ‘TRANQUILITY‘. Β Ahhhhh… I like the sound of this one! Check back next Wednesday to see how tranquil I can be! πŸ˜€