4th Photography Challenge – ESSENCE

I’m not gonna lie, I was a “little” nervous about doing a photo challenge for the word, ‘ESSENCE’, submitted by Melody. Make sure you look this one up in the dictionary – it’s amazing how many different meanings can be packed into one little word!

My first inspirational thought was to depict a definitive spirit, soul or being of a person… (Sounds deep, eh?) I came up with some fun ideas but most of them required warmer/dryer landscapes (you’d be surprised how winter can restrict the flow of one’s creative juices). Thus, I opted for my secound inspirational thought > a still life.


Traditional Still Life by Peter Paul Rubens

Still life studies are a historical art tradition going back centuries. During my art-training career I painted a few still life studies… While I can understand their value I have to  admit that I find them rather tedious and maybe just a little boring… So therein lies my challenge: to give life, interest and (dare I say) “essence” to everyday inanimate objects.


Well, first I started with fruit.


Fruit is a still life tradition and it actually kinda depicts one of  the other definitions for this word too >>> “Essence: an extract or concentrate obtained from a particular plant, matter or food and used for flavouring or scent.”

Anyway, I should stop talking and let you move onto the fun stuff – here’s hoping that I’ve met my challenge. Check it out >>>









Okay – so now some of you are chuckling and others of you will probably never come back. 😉 For those who dare to return I’ll see y’all tomorrow morning when I draw next week’s challenge.

Thanks again to Melody for her inspiring word. 🙂