Early Works – It’s a Trip Down Memory Lane Today…

It’s kinda sad that I have very few pics of my early paintings. 😦 I was young and thoughtless – so many of my early pieces got lost in the shuffle of time. I find it interesting though that my early paintings were primarily abstract and that over the years I’ve become far more representational… Hmmm… I might have to revisit this kind of painting one day – just for fun!ladder Fairy Tale 1 Union

Photography Challenge #3 – EDGY

Here it is! My third photography challenge – ‘Edgy’ – submitted by Damien.

Definition: edg·y: 1. Nervous or irritable. 2. Having a sharp or biting edge, sharp-edged, excessively defined. 3. Daring, provocative, innovative or trend-setting: with the concomitant qualities of intensity and excitement.

Other than the nervous or irritable definition, I am hoping that the photos I created this week fit the definition of EDGY. I had a heap of fun creating these and I was excited about the screen/film style quality of some of the pics. If I were to apply a film character  to define these images more I’d choose ‘Joan of Arc‘. 🙂

Big thanks again to Damien for his inspiring submission, to my friend Tom for the sword loan and to my beautiful model Kayt (you are amazing)! Hope y’all enjoy!
Edgy_Blog_0001 Edgy_Blog_0002 Edgy_Blog_0003 Edgy_Blog_0004 Edgy_Blog_0005 Edgy_Blog_0006 Edgy_Blog_0007 Edgy_Blog_0008 Edgy_Blog_0009 Edgy_Blog_0010 Edgy_Blog_0011
Tune in tomorrow and I’ll let y’all know next week’s challenge!
Happy Wednesday!


Texturizing and Layering Photos in Photoshop

If you read my last post you’ll know that I’m venturing forth into new realms in photography. I’m trying to explore this medium in different ways and it’s a fun journey! Attached here are some composites I made in Photoshop by layering my images together to create texture and interest. I haven’t done much of this in the past so I’m pretty sure there are folks out there who do a much better job than I, however, I still thought that these would be fun to share. 🙂





Chandelier with snow_small






Textured Flower_small

Some of these images are available for sale as prints in my Etsy shop.

Have an amazing weekend folks!

~ Micheline

I Wanna be in Pictures

I have always loved film. Sometimes during movies I’ll miss the plot entirely because I’m too busy focusing on the videography.

The process of capturing moving images fascinates me and so I’ve decided that it is time! I’m on a quest to learn this craft.

I began my interest in still photography in 1991 (my first year of University). I took 4 years of photography while I obtained my Fine Arts degree and have been a professional photographer now for 17 years. While I feel quite confident in my regular photography skills I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do film. This is where Jayli and Hayden come in. I recently photographed their formal wedding portraits in exchange for some lessons in videography. Hayden is a brilliant photographer/director/videographer. Check out this short film that he and Jayli created recently > LISTEN

I’m so excited to maybe one day show you some of my very own films but today I’ll just share their wedding pics. :) Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some eye candy!

~ Micheline