Years ago during one of our homeschool sessions my daughter and I learned about forests and rain-forests. We loved the topic and spent a whole week focusing on it. However, my little girl was quite saddened to learn that the forests were disappearing and that the environment was suffering as a result. When it comes to environmental issues I always feel rather helpless, the only way I knew how to comfort my daughter was to suggest that we pray about it. Hannah agreed that praying for the environment was good but she suggested that we should also pray for our own bit of forest too. During our research we learned that some wealthier folks had actually bought portions of  forest and rain-forest to personally protect themselves. I never dreamed that her little prayer would come true but in 2010 when we purchased our farm we acquired 15 acres of forest with it! Our forest is pretty small but we cherish it and we are super grateful for the opportunity to protect it.

Maybe if we cherished our world just a little more it would suffer a little less…?

The gallery attached here features photos I’ve taken in our little forest this past week and a few are from the past year. Enjoy!

20131114-IMG_1840_Small 20131114-IMG_1872_Small 20131114-IMG_1873_Small 20131114-IMG_1877_Small 20131114-IMG_1886_Small December_2010_0011_Small Evansbrae_0003_Small Evansbrae_0005_Small Evansbrae_0009_Small IMG_1735_Small IMG_3234_Small IMG_5268_Small IMG_5982_Small IMG_9863_Small photo8_Small Winter-EarlySpring_2010_0041_Small Evansbrae_0008_SmallWinter-EarlySpring_2010_0046_Small
So funny enough… I did the draw for next week’s photo challenge and it was actually submitted by me! Yes, I put one into the hat too – I couldn’t resist! 😉 So tune in next week for “The More the Merrier“.