New Painting – The Romance


‘The Romance’ – acrylic on canvas – 14″ x 23″

The past year presented a great deal of trials for me in terms of health. And through these struggles my husband has cared for me with patience, kindness and devotion. Even in my worst and most inglorious moments he held true and constant.


While I was in the hospital last summer I did the small sketch pictured above. It was a celebration of marriage as an institution. Two really are better than one…

Instead of titling the final piece ‘Marriage’ I titled it, ‘The Romance’. I feel like romance, as a word, has been a little misused in our culture… It conjures up young new love, or an affair, or valentine’s day, or chocolate and roses… But the word romance deserves more meaning than that. I think real romance is being present, completely committed and devoted to another long term.

I photographed the process of painting this piece (pictured below) – I hope you enjoy!

Following The Snow Line IV. Yep, that’s right, #4!

How many times can an artist paint one painting? Well, 4 times for sure! Fourth time’s a charm right?

Folks come across my older paintings and sometimes they are so smitten that they commission me to paint a near replica of the original for them. This kind of commission work is an interesting experience… I don’t know if I love redoing the same painting over and over but what I do love is how excited my clients get about it and how happy they are in the end! (Mind you, since this is my fourth go around with this piece I might just need to stop here.) 😉

I thought it would be fun to show you all four together. It’s like a spot the difference game – ha ha! I’ll start with the first original I did in 2012 and then go in order until the last one which is the most recent commission from this Christmas 2014.

Be sure to let me know which one is your favourite. 😀



A New Painting

Hot off the presses – just completed a new commissioned piece today!

I find that I am the most productive when I have a free day entirely dedicated to painting. Constant interruptions can make me feel like I am defeated before I even begin. However, as most folks out there already know, a large span of uninterrupted  hours is hard to come by and so before I share my newest piece with you I need to send out a HUGE thank-you to my hubby! He took on a massive load of regular life stuff today including; kids, home school, groceries, farm animals, errands and much more so I that could concentrate on completing this piece. (Thanks Babe – I think I’ll keep ya! 😉 )

It is always an honour to create a special piece for someone. I like commissions because they usually challenge me to create outside my own box and it’s good to be a little uncomfortable sometimes. 😉 Although, I must admit that this piece wasn’t uncomfortable at all! Actually it was entirely within my comfort zone – ha ha! My client requested that I create a new original using one of my older pieces as my main source of inspiration. The older piece is just below, a painting which I created in 2010 titled, ‘Dancing Trees’.


My client chose a square canvas instead of a rectangle and so I rearranged things to suit the new size and started with a watery acrylic sketch. This base sketch provides me with essential guidelines for my composition and it helps me pin point where I want to begin.


In this case I began with the sky, mainly because it was the largest surface area on my canvas. Sometimes I find it wise to tackle the big stuff  while you are fresh.  And it’s always nice to have accomplished so much when you return to your piece later.


With landscapes, I typically work from background to foreground. Although this isn’t a steadfast rule.



I will lay down a base within a section of my painting and then layer details on top. In the case above I laid down the red first and worked my details on top after (below).


I followed this same process below with my trees by laying down the dark green and layering the branch details on top after.




In the end I love to use stylized lines in complimentary colours to tie the painting together.


‘Dancing Trees No. 2′ – acrylic on canvas – 2′ x 2’.
Click on image to see enlarged version.

While I don’t think these trees dance quite as much as the original I am happy with the results. Here’s hoping my client is as well! 🙂



Third Time’s a Charm


Look familiar? Yep, this is the third go around! Apparently it’s a popular painting. Directly below is my first painting of ‘Following the Snow Line’ and then my second time through below that. Interesting how they are similar but also manage to remain very original.



If you are interested – check out my process of painting this piece in my post A FORGERY.