Famous Women In History – An Illustrated Collection!


Queen Elizabeth I

I’ve been working through this illustration series on my Instagram account (@whimsicalillustration ) and thought it might be super fun to share it with you here. I’ve not yet finished the series (more to come so be sure to follow on Instagram) but I’ve been doing portraits of famous historical women in a manga illustrated style. I’ve shared all the the illustration on my Whimsical Publishing Blog so be sure to head out there to see more!


Emelia Earhart


Marie Antoinette

More Illustration Work

I’ve really been enjoying and focusing on developing my illustrative skills lately so I can’t resist sharing with you some of my recent work in that area. I hope you are all enjoying your summer??? So far our weather has been mild and lovely! Heading out camping at the end of July – R&R time here we come! 😀

TP_FanFiction_Illustration_Small Princess_0004_Small Celtic_Final_Small Pssst… you can follow my illustration work daily on instagram –> @whimsicalillustration

Light Study Illustration

Morning friends! Another little light study illustration for ya. This was a bit of a departure for me since it’s an indoor scene. Well kind of an indoor/outdoor scene – I really wanted to try raindrop on a window.
Hope you all have a lovely day even though it’s Monday!
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Quick as a Wink – Photo Challenge #1

All that kept coming to my mind for this first photo challenge, “Quick as a Wink” (submitted by Jody), was a hummingbird. The correlation is obvious but sadly it’s not hummingbird season… Hmmmm… How do I photograph a hummingbird in wintertime?

Well, I make my own hummingbird of course!

I have seen paper theatre photo illustrations done before and I have always wanted to give it a go. So I created each individual illustration with a hummingbird as my main character and then photographed my mini-theatre scene. I actually think that this kind of photo illustration could be fun for a children’s book one day. However, it’s not as easy as it looks and I have a LOT more to learn about this craft before I’m able to illustrate an entire book!

Anyway, here’s hoping y’all enjoy my first attempt. 🙂

Thanks again to Jody for taking the time to submit the phrase “Quick as a Wink” – it was fun inspiration!




For those folks out there who are curious about how I did these photographs, please check out the pics of my mini-theatre below >>>






Pssst… I’ll draw next week’s challenge tomorrow morning and let ya know what it is. 🙂

Kid’s Colouring Book Illustrations


You can purchase this horse colouring book for only $6.50 on ETSY and on AMAZON.

You may remember the sneak peek I gave you about the colouring books I was illustrating with Hayden Wolf for Whimsical Publishing – well…. they are here!!! They are SO beautiful and really affordable – only $6.50 each!


You can purchase this dragon colouring book for only $6.50 on ETSY and on AMAZON.

Take a peek inside these books too >>>

)ne )neHorse