Rachel & Joel

My hubby and I don’t do photography as a job anymore but occasionally we do it as a gift for family and close friends. Our cousin Rachel and her now husband Joel actually got married on our farm this July 11th. The wedding turned out lovely (despite the rain) and I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favourites with you all. Hope you enjoy! Blog_0008Blog_0005Blog_0003Blog_0002Blog_0001Blog_0013Blog_0004Blog_0010Blog_0009Blog_0006Blog_0011Blog_0012Blog_0023Blog_0018Blog_0019Blog_0031Blog_0020Blog_0021Blog_0022Blog_0016Blog_0032Blog_0030Blog_0017Blog_0026Blog_0025Blog_0029Blog_0024Blog_0028Blog_0015Blog_0014

Joel and Rachel, it was an honour to be a part of your day – Shane & I pray for an abundance of joy, life, goodness and little bit of whimsy into your life together. You are loved.

Pssst… this is only just a little preview of your photos – there are SO many more to come! (As soon as I’m finished editing that is… 😉 ) xo

First Painting of 2015!


Bringing you some springtime cheer on these chilly mid- winter days!
This commission is very dear to my heart… it is going to live with a family that I am super grateful for. I worked hard to pour my admiration and appreciation for these folks into this piece.


The painting was inspired by the family’s property on Duck Lake. This picture above shows their view in the fall and below you can see the abundant lupins that grace their property in the spring.

IMG_8382 IMG_8388_Small


My client wanted to include the prominent trees, the mountain/lake view and the lupins all into one composition.

To get my bearings and decide how to incorporate the important elements I did the small sketch above and then started in on my canvas.


This is a big 30″ x 40″ canvas! I love large canvases but they progress slowly… I didn’t take as many progressive shots as I usually do but I hope you enjoy seeing a little of how it came together –>



‘Untitled’, acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 40″

For now the title is a bit elusive but I’m sure it will surface soon!



A Tiny Bit of Wonderland

My photo challenge for this week was the word ‘TINY’ submitted by Becky. After I read this challenge I immediately fixated upon the story of Alice in Wonderland. (I LOVE that story!) This challenge reminded me of when Alice drank from the vial and shrunk down so that she could fit through the door into Wonderland. However, directly following that first thought I reprimanded myself with this wisdom, ‘Whoa – slow down! That idea is far too much work to reproduce!’. Taking my own advice I wracked my brain all week and weekend for a simpler idea but, in the end (the VERY end), I gave up and gave in.  So here it is – my ‘tiny’ bit of Wonderland. 🙂










Big huge thanks to my beautiful little model Jaelynne – you are awesome! And to Hannah (my daughter) for all her help frantically making props at the last minute!!! I love you both!

HEY DON’T LEAVE YET! I figured since I keep forgetting to post the next draw on Thursday mornings I ought to just post it now – NEXT week’s challenge is ‘LOVE’ submitted by Ginny – check back next Wednesday to see what kind of photos I can conjure up. 🙂

Happy day friends!

Jayli and the Wolf

My regard for this talented couple has grown beyond measure in the past few months. I would even go so far as to say “talented” isn’t a descriptive enough word – these two have the Midas touch in all things art. Jayli and Hayden Wolf are not only accomplished musicians, but they write, do photography, videography, paint, draw, and even model (well… for me that is… ;)). Add to all that they are as beautiful inside as they are outside – very easy folks to love!

I was so grateful that they agreed to pose for my Knowing Others shoot! In return I wanted to bless them with some creative portraits that they could use for promotional material and personal enjoyment. I am hoping they love these…

Jayli & Hayden are currently focused hard on their music and you can view all their music videos, songs and other work at the links below >>>





Oh and… just for fun check out their photography and videography here as well >>> LITTLE WOLF

Jayli & Hayden,

Astronomical amounts of love for giving up so much of your time for me! I am praying an abundance of goodness over your music, art and life together! xoxo

~ Micheline

I Wanna be in Pictures

I have always loved film. Sometimes during movies I’ll miss the plot entirely because I’m too busy focusing on the videography.

The process of capturing moving images fascinates me and so I’ve decided that it is time! I’m on a quest to learn this craft.

I began my interest in still photography in 1991 (my first year of University). I took 4 years of photography while I obtained my Fine Arts degree and have been a professional photographer now for 17 years. While I feel quite confident in my regular photography skills I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do film. This is where Jayli and Hayden come in. I recently photographed their formal wedding portraits in exchange for some lessons in videography. Hayden is a brilliant photographer/director/videographer. Check out this short film that he and Jayli created recently > LISTEN

I’m so excited to maybe one day show you some of my very own films but today I’ll just share their wedding pics. :) Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some eye candy!

~ Micheline