Tree Paintings – The Perfect Match


‘The Perfect Match’ – acrylic on canvas – 18″ x 24″

Trees are one of my most favourite things to paint. Artists have always found inspiration in nature but particularly in trees. These anthropomorphic beauties are full of whimsy and life – they can take center stage in any painting and own it.

This commission has such a lovely story behind it. I must share it with you in my client’s own words:

~~~”Before my husband and I started dating he was on an art trip where they went painting trees. He was praying about who he would marry and he felt God saying that he shouldn’t worry. My husband had painted 2 trees and he sensed God telling him that like God was going to send water and sun for those trees to grow and eventually their branches would touch. He felt like God had a plan for who he was going to marry. When the time was right we would grow together and our branches would touch. 

I was hoping you could do a painting for us  with a tree representing me; crazy colourful, unexpected a tiny bit unruly and untamed  and one representing my husband; strong and tall, steady artistic but more classical. I also see his tree looking towards the prairies with the wide open skies and mine facing the mountains.

I also see God’s love over all enfolding and guiding and protecting despite life storms raging. And the trees growing closer together as a result and looking up to God in trust and hope.

Anyhow those are some thoughts. We really like your stuff so whatever you do will be great.”~~~

So out of all that touching and beautiful inspiration I came up with the ‘The Perfect Match’. I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of the process! IMG_1071_SmallIMG_1073_SmallIMG_1075_SmallIMG_1079_SmallPerfectMatch

Pssst… I realize I haven’t been posting much lately. Bad, bad, bad!!! The thing is that most of the paintings and drawings I’m working on at the moment are commission orders that are intended as Christmas gifts and I just don’t want to spoil any surprises. However, just imagine how much I’ll have to show you in January!

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday my friends!


A little Delay Soothed by a New Painting

I’m sad to say that this week’s photo challenge will be delayed a week due to cold and flu symptoms but, I’m hoping I can soothe any disappointment with this new painting! 😉


The best part about commission work is that the piece is specific to the client – it relates to them in a very personal way. When purchasing art we will normally be drawn to it because it speaks to us on some level – commission work takes this personal connection to an even deeper level – I really like that.

This piece was requested by a young couple who are due to have their first child at the beginning of June. They know the baby is a boy and they have already named him Cedar. In anticipation and celebration of his birth they commissioned me to paint a Cedar tree in his honour. If they approve of this piece it will hang in his room.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know that I have a thing for Cedar trees – I adore them. Just a short while ago, on a beautiful sunny day, my family and I were walking in the forest and I came upon the tree pictured below – it was my inspiration.

I’ve also included a few pics of the development of the painting – thanks again for stopping by. I’ll see ya next week!









A Cedar for Cedar – acrylic on canvas – 11 x 14