Happy New Year

I have been waiting so long to share my Christmas commissions with you and I had hoped to post each of them in detail… However, a couple days before Christmas my health troubles started up again. Below is one of the commission pieces that I had the honour of working on before Christmas – will share more with you when things are better. 2014 was my kick-off year as an artist and I’m so VERY GRATEFUL to all of you for your support and kindness – thank-you! Hopefully I’ll be on my feet and back in action soon in the New Year.

I do hope that 2015 brings immense goodness, joy, peace and health to you and yours. Happy New Year friends!!! xoPeek

Early Works – It’s a Trip Down Memory Lane Today…

It’s kinda sad that I have very few pics of my early paintings. 😦 I was young and thoughtless – so many of my early pieces got lost in the shuffle of time. I find it interesting though that my early paintings were primarily abstract and that over the years I’ve become far more representational… Hmmm… I might have to revisit this kind of painting one day – just for fun!ladder Fairy Tale 1 Union

Another new painting! I know… Two whole posts in one day – whoa!

ianasher - instagramThis is a little scene from Hampshire, England. No, I’ve never been to Hampshire but my fellow Instagramer,  Ian Asher – @ianasher lives there and I asked his permission to use this photo as inspiration for my painting. If you have a minute you really should check out his feed – it’s full of captivating landscapes and nature photography.

This painting was actually a bit of a departure for me as I rarely paint buildings and it turned out much less stylized than my usual work but I think I like it. I am happy with the contrast and light play. (FYI – paintings always look so much  better in person than in photos.)

Thanks again to Ian Asher for lending me his photo! 🙂IMG_3206_SmallSubtlety_12%22x12%22_2014_Small