Recent Drawings and Sketches

SunflowerSketch_SmallWow – sometimes life can be a whirlwind eh?!  My fault though; I had kids and I love projects. I’m so project oriented that it’s crazy how I can’t stop my brain from always wanting to do something new… I’m a getter-done-girl though so they all get finished (in time). 😉 I am still working through my new painting series but I’m also trying hard to be mindful of the benefits of frequent drawing. Sometimes I love what I sketch and other times I cringe… In the end though my art improves when I draw more. Attached here are few of my recent sketches and drawings. The sunflower pictured above is slowly being brought to life  in my current painting.IMG_2099 Bicycle_SmallI’m not totally thrilled with this bicycle drawing – it was one of my first attempts at tablet drawing but I thought I’d share with you anyway. It’s inspired by the photo below which I took years ago on a Sunday drive.  bikeScooterIllustratiion_SmallNow this scooter drawing was purely for fun – it’s something I have been wanting to do for ages. I’d love, when time permits, to create a series of illustrations inspired by modern scenes. Not sure when I’ll ever get to the next one but the idea is burning a hole in my brain while it waits! DisneyEngagement_SmallThis drawing was actually a recent commission ordered for a gift. It’s inspired from the engagement photo below. It was super fun to create – I mean who wouldn’t want to chance to draw a couple in love out front of Cinderella’s castle – come on! So sweet!icm_fullxfull.77585257_m7ajks6t4o0kkgko00ckThat’s all for now folks – I realize I have been neglecting my blog in all life’s busyness but here’s hoping I can get on a regular posting track again soon. (I know I’m probably dreaming… 😉 ) Happy Wednesday friends!

Trust Update


SOOOOOOO – the sun is brightly shining today BUT my sweet little model has come down with a cough and a cold – poor girl. 😦 So we need to postpone the ‘trust’ photo challenge until she is better. I thought I would pick out the next challenge anyway and then maybe, just maybe next week you’ll have the bonus of TWO photo challenges in one week!

Drum roll please…. my next photo challenge is… ‘CLOUD NINE’ – submitted by Jody. Oh fun! Putting my thinking cap on now.

Hoping you all have a lovely weekend friends!

Pssssst… maybe I’ll manage to also finish up the big commission piece I’m working on too and then it’ll be THREE posts in one week – whoa! Here’s hoping! 😉

TRUST ME – This Week’s Photo Challenge Will Happen!

Yes I do know it’s Wednesday and, yes I know I should have posted my ‘TRUST’ photo challenge by now… BUT… (you knew there was a ‘but’ coming didn’t you?). BUT the shoot was scheduled for today and the weather did NOT cooperate! Boo! So my little model and I are planning to retry on Friday. Props are made, costume is prepared and now all we need is a little bit of sunshine.

In hopes of compensating you for this delay I’ve attached a photo showing a detail from the large commission piece I’m currently working on. This painting is 5′ x 3′ – a big canvas and a heap of work but I’m really having fun with it! Hoping I can finish it up in about a week or so – be sure you check back to see the end result!

See y’all on Friday – weather permitting!Detail

How Does One Photograph ‘Forgiveness’?

While the dictionary definition of ‘forgiveness’ is rather simple to understand the actual act is very complicated. Even without adding a religious context it evokes multiple emotional responses and strongly associates itself with many other words. In short, this is a complex concept to photograph! I guess that’s why I call this a weekly photo “challenge”. 😉

I decided to try and convey some of the emotional responses and words that can be associated with the word ‘forgiveness’ but I’m leaving it up to you to discover those meanings within the photos themselves. And in the end, if I’ve done a horrible job of relating these images to the challenge then my hope is that you at least find them interesting to scroll through. 🙂

AN ENORMOUS THANK-YOU to my enchanting model Makaria!!! You are beautiful inside and out!
A big thanks to Lisa for submitting ‘forgiveness’ as a challenge – you pushed me hard with this one (in a good way).

Okay, drawing out the next challenge as I type – (yes, I can do both at once) – ready?

TRUST – submitted by Melody. Check back next Wednesday!

Happy mid-week everyone!

The Rain Dance Didn’t Work…

My photo challenge this week was ‘Dance in the Rain’ (submitted by Ginny) and I actually thought that interpreting this one literally would be super fun but I ran out of time to organize it – sometimes one week just isn’t enough time!  I probably should have come up with a simpler alternative plan but I didn’t… So here I am, Wednesday is upon me and I have no more time left… OOPS!

The solution?

Well, I cheat of course!

Wait before you judge me though – this kind of cheating can be fun! I think you still might enjoy the rainy little collection of images that I gathered up. 🙂

Winter:EarlySpring_2010_0015 Winter:EarlySpring_2010_0014 June_2010_0004 Silver Mtn_Mar_2011_08 IMG_5965 Spring_2010_0087 Summer_2010_0005 Winter:EarlySpring_2010_0013photo_Small photo

Next week’s photo challenge is ‘CHERISH’ – submitted by Leigh. Sounds like this one could be sweet! Tune in next Wednesday. 🙂

Sometimes ‘tranquility’ can only be found in a cup of coffee (or tea).

Four kids, one dog, two cats, a lizard, cooking, cleaning, cleaning, CLEANING, wiping noses, wiping bums, calming tears, refereeing fights, helping with homework, the endless bedtime routine, reading stories, fixing broken toys, playing cars, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, spills and more spills, outdoor chores, disciplining, finding everything that’s been lost (even by your husband) and don’t get me started on what it’s like when everyone has the flu! Got the picture? Did I mention cleaning? Everyday. ALL day. No wages and NO breaks.

And so I say – sometimes “tranquility” can only be found in a cup of coffee (or tea).

‘Tranquility’, submitted by Damien, was my photo challenge for this week and all I could think of was warm sun on my skin and white sand between my toes – sigh… Obviously winter is a bit of an obstacle, so instead of soft sands and lapping waves I photographed a stay-at-home Mom.

“Stay-at-home Mom” / “tranquility” – catch the irony?

These photos are probably never going to end up in National Geographic and it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll get nominated for any awards but I do hope that they manage to capture and honour a small portion of every regular Mom’s day.  I remember those years at home with little ones. Being a stay-at-home Mom is the most difficult and least honoured profession in the world!


A huge THANK-YOU to my friend, Sylvie and her four beautiful kidlets for letting me invade their home for an afternoon. YOU are all amazing!!!

Next week’s challenge – ‘DANCE IN THE RAIN’ – submitted by Ginny. Oooooo!!! Sounds fun! Check back on Wednesday.

It’s as Cold as Ice!


Love the abstract play of ice on windows.

Us Creston Valley peeps are wimps… It’s been minus 8 – 16 degrees this week and we’re freezing – brrrrrr!!! (I’m rolling my eyes because I know that all you folks who live in the truly arctic areas of Canada are laughing at us right now.) However, I am grateful for this little cold snap because I found ICE everywhere.  A big thank-you to Valerie for submitting ‘ICE‘ as a photo challenge it has been a fun week of ice hunting and ice play!


This is a view of the tree in our backyard through the ice covered greenhouse windows.


Funky icy bubble formations on our pond.

And not only is ice fun to photograph it’s apparently a lot fun to play on as well! Couldn’t resist sharing these silly pics of my son and his friends sliding around on our frozen pond yesterday afternoon!Ice_04_Logo




Next week’s photo challenge, submitted by Damien, is ‘TRANQUILITY‘.  Ahhhhh… I like the sound of this one! Check back next Wednesday to see how tranquil I can be! 😀

The LOVE photo challenge – probably not what you’d expect.

“All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl.” ~Author Unknown

My first idea for the challenge ‘LOVE’ was quite uninspired, although as the week progressed I roused my inner artist and came up with something a little better.

I have never been a horse person myself, but my daughter and most of her friends are die-hard horsey girls. I have often heard them exclaim, “Who needs boys when you’ve got horses!” And from what I’ve witnessed and been told, this kind of horsey love lasts a lifetime.

Pictured here is my daughter’s friend Maddy and her two geldings, Detour and Breeze.








A big thank-you to Maddy and her “boys” for modelling and also to Ginny for submitting this challenge!

I already did the draw for next week’s challenge  *drum roll please* – “ICE” – submitted by Valerie. Hmmm… this is a good one to get during the wintertime! Check back on Wednesday next week – hopefully I can make “ice” inspiring. 😉

Happy day my friends!

A Tiny Bit of Wonderland

My photo challenge for this week was the word ‘TINY’ submitted by Becky. After I read this challenge I immediately fixated upon the story of Alice in Wonderland. (I LOVE that story!) This challenge reminded me of when Alice drank from the vial and shrunk down so that she could fit through the door into Wonderland. However, directly following that first thought I reprimanded myself with this wisdom, ‘Whoa – slow down! That idea is far too much work to reproduce!’. Taking my own advice I wracked my brain all week and weekend for a simpler idea but, in the end (the VERY end), I gave up and gave in.  So here it is – my ‘tiny’ bit of Wonderland. 🙂










Big huge thanks to my beautiful little model Jaelynne – you are awesome! And to Hannah (my daughter) for all her help frantically making props at the last minute!!! I love you both!

HEY DON’T LEAVE YET! I figured since I keep forgetting to post the next draw on Thursday mornings I ought to just post it now – NEXT week’s challenge is ‘LOVE’ submitted by Ginny – check back next Wednesday to see what kind of photos I can conjure up. 🙂

Happy day friends!

Do you ever wish you could go back in time?


The realtor turned the key and we walked through the aged double doors into the deserted home. Boots were scattered around the entry way, an old desk sat with papers piled high beside an ancient type writer. Cascades of books lined every available shelf, dishes sat unwashed in the sink, the tea kettle appeared to have just been used and the closets were full of old clothing and linens. The heavily wallpapered walls held numerous old paintings, pictures, horse ribbons, awards, mementos and portraits. And a well loved old leather chair sat solidly beside the living room fireplace – the neighbours said that this was where the old fellow had died. Everything in the house had since been left untouched and it felt like the owner had only been there moments before.

I suppose this should have been creepy but it wasn’t…  All I could see was life – a life that had been well lived and filled with passions. It’s been a few years now since I went into that home – my job was to photograph the framework,  electrical,  heating systems, and structural integrity. The realtor and the potential homeowner were present so I didn’t have the luxury or the time to explore the brimming house but on my way out I caught this quick shot of one of the chandeliers in the living room. Sigh… it’s one of those places that I really wish I could travel back  in time to revisit because I would spend hours taking pictures – there was so much I missed!