How To Take Better Photographs: Beginner Tips For Full Sun Photography #1

In my last post, The Most Essential and Practical Tip For Point and Shoot Photographers, I warned you to stay out of the sun! And I stick by this advice because using bright even shade or taking photos on a bright overcast day can dramatically improve the lighting quality of your photographs. (Check back to my previous post to learn more.)

However, there are days when shade is scarce and you just can’t get out of sun… Or you really want to use the sun to your advantage and create certain photographic effects like; silhouettes or warm backlighting. Often times taking well lit photographs in full sun requires a basic knowledge of your camera’s settings but, today I’m going to keep it very simple. No camera manual required just yet (all you point and shooters out there can breathe easy). 😉  We’re starting off with SILHOUETTES!


Silhouettes can be super creative and require very little effort. It’s a matter of framing your shot, making sure the sun or light source is fully behind your subject and then point and shoot! Yep, that’s right, your camera will automatically choose the correct setting as long as your subject is fully backlit. By ‘backlit’ I mean that, almost the entire area behind your subject is bright with light or sunshine.

photo 10 0026Summer_2010_0028WinterEarlySpring_2010_0017CloudNine_0006_Small


Easy peasy, right?! This means even YOU can pull off a silhouette!

I’ll be back next Wednesday with more full sun tips. If you feel inspired by this post and get a chance to try out a silhouette please share it with me!!! 🙂



How to Take Better Photographs – The Most Essential and Practical Tip for Point and Shoot Photographers

Are you one of those people who really doesn’t want to read the camera manual? I hear ya, although the manual is useful and informative it can be pretty dry… If you are like most folks, you just want to press the ON button, focus on your subject and then click. Am I right?  The sad thing is that these point and shoot pics don’t always turn out the way that we hope… This is where I come in! By using this one simple photography tip, your point and shoot pics will suddenly get a whole lot better!

What is this miracle tip?


Yep, you heard me right, get out of the sun! Or more specifically stick to taking pics in bright even outdoor shade or on a bright overcast day.

Bright shade or overcast clouds diffuse the light of the sun making the colours and the light even and soft.

Check out the examples I’ve attached below to catch what I really mean –>


Harsh FULL sun – see all the uneven light and shadows in the above pic?


Now compare the photo quality and difference here, when a similar picture is taken in bright-even-shade or on a bright overcast day. The photo is much nicer without all that uneven lighting and nasty distracting shadows!

The same principle applies to portraits:


Harsh FULL sun… vs —>


Nice even bright shade… Aaaahhhhh….

It truly works folks!

Does that mean we can never take pics in full sun? Well, no. We can take pics in full sun but it requires a bit more understanding of your basic camera settings. (And yes, that does mean reading a wee little section of your manual… 😉 ) I plan to post tips on taking better pics in full sun next Wednesday – so be sure to stop by! 😀

Pssst… if you found anything confusing in this post or if you have any other questions – please leave them in the comment box below and I’ll get back to ya! 🙂

GOOD NEWS! Have YOU ever wanted to learn how to take better photographs?


Hello friends! It’s a beautiful sunny day here!!! Loving the weather and finding it hard to stay inside.

I’ve decided to take a little break from my weekly photo challenges. I’m getting more painting commissions (which I absolutely LOVE) and I need to free up some time and energy. This doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing any photos from me – I can’t help myself really… I’m always taking pics in my regular everyday life and I often post those to my Facebook page and Instagram account. So don’t miss out – please follow there!

BUT here’s the really GOOD news – I’m going to start a series of weekly posts with tips on how to take better photographs. These posts will start on Wednesday and will replace the weekly photo challenges for now. I really hope you can tune in and enjoy these!

See ya Wednesday!

P.S. In case you are wondering, that is me laying on the ground. Sometimes it requires sacrifice to get a great shot. 😉