Dutch Harbour in Mixed Media

I’ve had the photo below hanging around in my “paint-someday” file for quite awhile. I’d always thought that I would paint it on canvasย butย last night I felt like sketching and this photo popped right into my mind. I sketched it first in coloured pencils and then painted on top with acrylics. Mixed media truly isn’t my strong point but I enjoyed this little experiment and I just might just do it again!


Evening Sketches

My daughter recently purchased some watercolour pencils and last night she decided to give them a go, so I joined her and did a few sketches. I think this would be a really nice little medium for illustrating a children’s book. I love the sketchy-pencily-watery feeling, it’s fun. (That sounds weird I know and yes, I realize pencily isn’t a real word but it should be!) ๐Ÿ˜‰