Painting Break – Illustration Binge!

Been taking a little break from painting the past couple weeks – I think I burned myself out a little finishing up the install. 😉 But never fear – the desire to paint will return – it always does! In the meantime I’ve been focused on illustration – if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to – join me on my other Instagram account–> @whimsicalillustration !!

Boating on Kootenay Lake – Mixed Media Drawing

Couldn’t resist trying another coloured pencil/acrylic paint mix. This one is inspired by from a photo taken by my very talented friend Cheryl Jaggers. It’s another picture from my “to-do” file.

I’m thinking that these drawings need to become full fledged paintings one day though…


Dutch Harbour in Mixed Media

I’ve had the photo below hanging around in my “paint-someday” file for quite awhile. I’d always thought that I would paint it on canvas but last night I felt like sketching and this photo popped right into my mind. I sketched it first in coloured pencils and then painted on top with acrylics. Mixed media truly isn’t my strong point but I enjoyed this little experiment and I just might just do it again!


Evening Sketches

My daughter recently purchased some watercolour pencils and last night she decided to give them a go, so I joined her and did a few sketches. I think this would be a really nice little medium for illustrating a children’s book. I love the sketchy-pencily-watery feeling, it’s fun. (That sounds weird I know and yes, I realize pencily isn’t a real word but it should be!) 😉



Studies and Sketches

As a painter I view most of my sketches as studies, I have rarely considered them to be finished pieces. However, today I feel challenged as to whether or not my view is wrong? I have dozens of these little treasures laying around my house and unto themselves they are quite complete. Some have already evolved into paintings, some might one day become paintings and now today I think that maybe some may just need to stay the way they are. 🙂Sketch_01_Small