Healing & The Scottish Thistle

Scottish Thistle_Small

Legend has it that a sleeping party of Scottish warriors were saved from a Norse ambush by this wee plant. One of the attackers accidentally trod on a thistle with his bare feet and cried out in pain. His cries roused the Scots who then defeated the invaders. After this victory the thistle was adopted as the national symbol of Scotland. Apparently, there is no historical evidence for this tale, but who doesn’t love a good story right? 😉

So many folks helped us out while I was in the hospital – my family and I are so grateful to all of them! My dear friend Meme went above and beyond. Her efforts not only brought others to our aid but also made EVERYTHING so much easier for us. We are so grateful to her. As soon as I could manage to sit up long enough I did this little painting for her in attempt to express my gratitude.

Why the Scottish Thistle? Well, I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t actually know Meme’s personal reasons for loving the Scottish Thistle… I just know that she does… Maybe I should ask one day – ha ha!

I made the painting a little whimsical because I wanted it to have a fairy style/Will-o’-the-wisps feeling.


This is the sketch I did while I was hospitalized. I couldn’t wait to be able to sit up long enough to paint it for her.

Scottish Thistle 2_Small
I am happy to say that my health is improving. I still need to rest and I can’t do anything rigorous yet but the medicine is helping me start to heal – YAY! I still have some tests that need to be done at the beginning of September before we know exactly what is wrong but I’m so thankful to be mostly functioning for now. It’s good to be back!