Talus Rock Retreat #2

Like promised – I’m back! Attached here are some of the images that we captured of the interior of Talus Rock Retreat.Β  This amazing B&B was created by the Pedersen family in an effort to give back! 100% of the cost of staying here is donated directly to the International Children’s Network. My husband, Shane and myself donated our time to photograph this B&B – we were also joined by the Williams family who stood in as our lifestyle models and it is our hope that these images will help promote and encourage folks to holiday here. This place is an opportunity to have a grand vacation/getaway and simultaneously GIVE to children in need. Now to show you some of the inside of this dream home!

I’m pretty sure Talus Rock Retreat is in that book! πŸ˜‰

This B&B is chalk full of beautiful surprises and details – it’s like going on a treasure hunt!

Ok – so below is my favorite room at Talus Rock… it’s called the ‘Arbor Room’.

Shane and I stayed here for our 15th anniversary getaway last year. So beautiful!!!

Below is a tour of more of the available rooms including a huge suite that covers the entire bottom floor of the house that can be reserved for larger family gatherings, reunions, business meetings and commercial purposes. Additionally, Talus Rock also has beautiful outdoor spaces for weddings – CLICK HERE to see the grounds and exterior of this B&B.

Although I never really planned it, at the end of this shoot we managed put in a little plug for Miss EmilyΒ  (a children’s book I illustrated and published in 2011) – I know it’s a bit far away but check out the book our model family is reading by the fire! πŸ˜‰

Thanks again for tuning in – please share Talus Rock Retreat with family & friends – the simple process of sharing this place with others has the potential to do SO much towards helping children in need.

~ Micheline