Do you ever wish you could go back in time?


The realtor turned the key and we walked through the aged double doors into the deserted home. Boots were scattered around the entry way, an old desk sat with papers piled high beside an ancient type writer. Cascades of books lined every available shelf, dishes sat unwashed in the sink, the tea kettle appeared to have just been used and the closets were full of old clothing and linens. The heavily wallpapered walls held numerous old paintings, pictures, horse ribbons, awards, mementos and portraits. And a well loved old leather chair sat solidly beside the living room fireplace – the neighbours said that this was where the old fellow had died. Everything in the house had since been left untouched and it felt like the owner had only been there moments before.

I suppose this should have been creepy but it wasn’t…  All I could see was life – a life that had been well lived and filled with passions. It’s been a few years now since I went into that home – my job was to photograph the framework,  electrical,  heating systems, and structural integrity. The realtor and the potential homeowner were present so I didn’t have the luxury or the time to explore the brimming house but on my way out I caught this quick shot of one of the chandeliers in the living room. Sigh… it’s one of those places that I really wish I could travel back  in time to revisit because I would spend hours taking pictures – there was so much I missed!