A Place You Belong – New Painting


I just realized that it’s been a little while since I posted here – a whole month in fact! EEK! Well that’s what happens with the onset of school, extracurriculars, fall programs and life in general! (Yes, I miss summer already…)

This new painting was slow in the making… but I’m SO excited to finally share it with you!
It was inspired by the photograph pictured below. This shot was taken by my friend Becky McArthur while she was hiking at Welsh Lakes – far back in the mountains behind the Invermere area (BC, Canada). I titled the painting in honour of my friend by calling it, ‘A Place You Belong’. This is most certainly where Becky’s heart belongs – in the mountains.


I always try to set myself up for some kind of challenge while I paint and this time I opted to steer away from my rainbow brights and try a keep my colour palette simple. (You’d think this would be easy… Less colours right? Oh no, trust me, it was SOOOOOOO hard!) I wrestled like crazy to keep myself from adding red, orange and everything else under the sun but in the end I’m happy that I did! I do hope you enjoy seeing my progress!







‘A Place You Belong’ – acrylic on canvas – 16″ x 20″